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Always EP [Explicit]

by Substantial & Algorythm

HOOK Maryland, yall got me cuz (Yeah!) Sub & The Stuy come rock with us (Yeah!) DC, yall got me cuz (Yeah!) HiPNOTT in the spot come rock w/ us (Yeah!) Eh, VA yall got me cuz (Yeah!) You know this joint ji crank come rock with us (Yeah!) Worldwide get live with us (Yeah!) Turn the volume way up come rock with us (Yeah!) VERSE 1 Can't end before it begins No one does it alone and we too old to play pretend This is for my supporters fans family and friends Wifey for sticking by me like we was Siamese twins Last line was generic, my status ain’t that’s apparent Came up on the low like I be shopping in clearance And I do, ‘cause my biz more important than my appearance Shouldn’t judge by the cover but you can tell this shit serious! The past is always present in the future!!! I ain’t going nowhere but up Was naming your favorite rapper ‘fore you was lookin’em up Advising some legends ‘fore you acknowledge my presence Marathoning these sprinters while minimizing my effort Maximizing my gains a rapper thats gots some brains Flew my family out the country for $200 and some change I be stacking them miles I’m frequently on them fliers When you stay above the clouds it’s easy to take it higher Lets go... go... go... go... go... eh! Battle tested and approved Yall were bodied in your party, asphyxiated your crew Kinda shit we use do when dudes battled over rhythms Beatbox, lunch table or a trash radio system Handclaps, DJ... but eventually I moved on ‘Cause unlike bammas nowadays I make pretty good songs I never shuck and jive for muthaphucas live I make the type of music that help people reconstruct their lives I know yall love right, so keep it on repeat... Still climbing like I don’t know a peak Flowing like you disabled, you sounding like you don’t know a beat Rockin the ark when paired with loops dirtier than Noah’s feet Couldn’t pay’em to notice me, now they pay ‘cause they know it’s me Heads turning like rotaries, knowin’ he's awesome totally Exes who still ain’t over me realigning their ovaries Respected globally, now they lovin me locally Urban legend, surely reppin MD you better know it, we here! BRIDGE (Wayna) How lucky to be Apart of legacy Now you can come with me And we could be... Legendary! VERSE 2 These songs are one part of my legacy But time will tell what will come from these youngins that met me Tan, yellow, white, red, ebony, armed with verbal weaponry Topple obstacles that stand between them and destiny Haters, fakers and shottas, light takers and coppers Who wanna eff up your chakras but don’t let none of that stop ya Gotcha... Live our dreams while we’re awake now that’s the mantra When you carried the weight remember who was there to spot ya! (Keep pushing… from the top!) HOOK Wayna, you got me cuz (Yeah!) I appreciate you, Queen for rocking with us (Yeah!) Kokayi, you got me cuz (Yeah!) My brother from another mother be rockin’ w/ us (Yeah!) QN5, yall got me cuz (Yeah!) Still holding me down, they rockin’ with us (Yeah!) Worldwide get live with us (Yeah!) Let The Stuy take us home come ride with us! (Yeah!)
VERSE 1 I can paint a picture with words or just brushes Make something out of nothing ain't nothing to make something Cutting up samples while keeping the bass pumping Nothing we can't handle I will have this place jumping Your tramp on lean, I'd rather have a queen Of course I am a king, so I can have a dream Or be your worst nightmare at war never fight fair If our freedom right there, take it by any means Learn PEACE from the Gods but still study violence Fight for my Serenity if anything challenge Write dope on a tightrope trying to find balance Build my skill with will plus talent Slanger of rhymes, training young minds Painter of the times, Maker of designs Sailor of the skies, pilot of the seas Baker of the pies, refiner of the dreams HOOK ...I do it (do it) Black of all trades, I do it (do it) Put art on a page I do it (do it) I do it (do it), I do it (do it) Make something out of nothing ain't nothing to make something If you want to do it... do it Make something out of nothing ain't nothing to make something If you want to do it... do it VERSE 2 Do it until it’s done and there ain’t nothin’ left to do Do it under the sun can tell you did it from your hue Doin’ it in the park after dark me & you Different type of vibe but I’mma work it ‘til it's thru I’m a mover and shaker, Up at dawn, stumble strong So my jaw stay about as smooth as sandpaper This is for the chance takers, villains gave us lemon Now we Lemonade makers, don't let any man break ya ...We're def the most resilient yall seen bey He don't play but highly sought after as teammate Nothing I can't do, you should broaden your dreamscape Food for thought you should be consuming what we bake Teach, cook, write, love, speak good, fight, f**k Seek, look, eyes shut, we must rise up Often write rhymes, dark skin, bright mind Lost winds, fly blind, fortunes I find... HOOK ...I do it (do it) Black of all trades, I do it (do it) Shackle my brain can’t do it (do it) Won’t do it (do it), can’t do it (do it), Made something out of nothing ain't nothing to make something If you want to do it... do it Made something out of nothing ain't nothing to make something If you want to do it... do it VERSE 3 How you gonna tell me what I can’t do.. Sh*t… I probably did it first.. Ain’t nothin I can’t handle… ...Sure as hell can’t do it worse So I’mma make it cooler. Add a little flavor Take us to the future. Be a little greater I ain’t scared to barter, skill more valuable than paper Work a little harder put it down and make’em pay up ...I lay it down they tell me stay up Then every time I turn around they talking ‘bout a pay cut Trying to stop a baker who out here gettin his cake up Skills surpassing his peers, wondering why I bring race up Cuz average got us living under poverty lines And good’s only good enough part of the time ...And great will make’em hate you from afar In the comment section like “Who these niggers think they are?” HOOK Black of all trades, I do it (do it) Carry the world’s weight I do it (do it) I’ll be damned if I can’t I do it (do it) I do it (do it), I do it (do it), Make something out of nothing ain't nothing to make something If you want to do it... do it Make something out of nothing ain't nothing to make something If you want to do it... do it
HOOK (Sample) If all these rappers are bossman All these rappers are bossman All these rappers are bossman All these rappers are bossman Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work? Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work? Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work? Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work? VERSE 1 (Substantial) Yall some underachievers, You’ll never be a boss or leader Competitor you’re hardly that either You’ll never be as hard as us creatures You’re messin with Gods of the speakers They sayin Oh My God he’s a genius How you gonna ball from the bleachers... Where I’m from they call that shit leachin’ Nobody working harder we beastin, This shit’ll put a pause on your breathing Somebody stick a folk in’em please and... Tell’em bring the coffin he’s leavin Can’t tell if he was coughing or queefin Ain’t built for this boy you’re a fetus Rippin’ shit apart at our event Like a bawse and applause isn’t need ‘Cause we working day and night, on the low So it’s hard to stay in sight but you know that Behind the scenes, that I guide my team to realize our dreams and ignite The f-f-fire, desire climbing higher and higher I was rich even prior to turning sires to buyers You’s a customer not owner, Just a rustler not loaner Hold up, better own up, for you roll up And you get exposed as just a poser You’s a fraud, baby you ready or nah, We can see through the facade We goin hard, from our backyard to abroad On our job wherever we are! HOOK VERSE 2 (Tonedeff) Godammit, y’all out to lunch How in the fuck I expect that the job be done? Hired a bunch of impressionist, sloppy chumps Trying to stunt for the benefits, stocks and such Slip/fall for a settlement, a thousand bucks Ripped off, now they sweatin in a taco truck Brickwalled by their pettiness - and all for what? Shit nah - there ain’t anyone the boss of us What a conundrum, who’s left to be moppin up? Who in the f’s gonna fetch me a coffee cup? It’s obvious none of us wanna be stuck in the office but when I’m running biz independently - I’m the one in front of a monitor - the devil in me got me just Hunting for dollars, every penny is the god you trust I’m an autonomous executive - I call for cuts Of any incompetent secretaries - so y’all are fucked Pink slip… but they talking tough? And wanna don boxing gloves Bitch, you a mailroom clerk - so when the scale don’t work, you don’t box, you just box shit up Zip it! Ship it! Whip it, good! Devo! Nobody making a cent off Vevo - We don’t Give our money to Mr. Iovine, No, we keeping our c-notes, and build it up till the profits come Obnoxious to some, cause everybody hate they boss Yelling bout how to make they calls Telling em how their vacay’s off Venting ‘bout how their pay grade’s small Evidence of the game they lost, And the main is stage is ours, y’all are just bitter HR wanted a confidence builder, Fine, I’ma get Algo, then Kill drums with Sub - put em on a bill bottom line is we always deliver. Get up! HOOK
HOOK (Deborah Bond) Summer breeze, hot nights cool mornings No guarantees, all we got’s this moment I’m at peace tell me what mood you’re in (Chillin’ Chillin’ how you feelin’ love?) Right as rain Summer breeze, hot nights cool mornings No guarantees, all we got’s this moment I’m at peace tell me what mood you’re in (Chillin’ Chillin’ how you feelin’ bruh?) Can’t complain VERSE 1 (Substantial) Midnight, city lights time to make new memories Live life just like you’re closing out the century Party like it’s 2099 lets make history Slumber the furthest thing from my mind. I can’t miss a thing Out here like it’s happy hour and no work tomorrow Diddy bop strong lookin like I got a crooked hobble Left the club early to avoid any hood debacle Bammas playin look and follow off of how she did the wobble I ain’t lookin to squabble don’t you see how fresh I’m is Bowtie sharp, kicks clean. King? Yes I is! But mainly my baby safety is a prerequisite So we exitin’ stage left bout to get breakfast in BREAK Eat good, eat good, eat good For we sleep good, sleep good, sleep good If she good, she good, she good Then we good, we good, we good Uh Huh! HOOK VERSE 2 (Substantial) She asked, “You tryna grab food?” told her “I can eat!” She giggled a little then she hit me with a smile & wink Such an effin’ lady still my kinda freak Subtle dope and of course she would ride or die for me Chillin at a diner breaking bread with my PNC Stood by me for years still she take time to sit with me Had our breakfast early cuz it’s only bout 3:53 It’s the dead of night but look how live the city be See our past in some youngins lookin like they need a room And our future in some elders right across us in a booth Grab the check, she grab my arm, she cool as a breeze in June Headed home but not before the sun shared the sky w/ the moon BREAK (Deborah Bond) If all we have is us and this moment Trust that's enough for me (Substantial) Girl don't lie to me Think I might of hit the lottery HOOK
VERSE 1 (Substantial) I came into this world Same way I'm gonna leave it... alone. For what its worth Since birth... been bringing folks together for a common cause Not quite a bleeding heart no need to find a gauze Just tried to do what’s right ain’t gotta supply applause Just trying shed light on what they hide from us all Our origin story, many moments of glory Move forward, ain’t gotta be rewarded, the Lord has implored me Give’em what they need when they don’t even want it Keep on feedin’ souls but they don’t see they hungry Live a life worth remembering, the reaper’s coming But you’ll live forever though you might not reach your twenties Or your thirties, f*** a great depression You are worthy... of every single blessing Honestly, our own light is hard to see But every single star’s born to shine. Prophecy! HOOK (Fjer & Substantial) Always… always... Always… always… (Here) Always… always... Always… always... (I am here) Always… always... Always… always… (We are here) Always… always... I ain’t going nowhere… ever! VERSE 2 (Substantial) When she came into this world I knew I’d never leave her alone because this girl’s The greatest thing I created... lyrics, design or painting That ain’t up for debating. Look what sun maid and he raising her Right… so God forbid her brother man wrong her She roll with the struggle ‘til she come around stronger But her father taught her to never squander her honor If they don’t treat you as good or better than poppa don’t bother She see how I treat her mama. And before we shared that wedding cake I swear on my own mama you’re the best decision I ever made Look at what we made. On everything, I’m proud of us Best producer duo since The muthaphucin’ Stuyvesants Listen… This is parentin’ with a vision I swear a bit cuz that’s how Ms. Hill got us to listen So pardon me, busy raisin’ my colony This home that love built never falls, stands solidly HOOK BRIDGE (Substantial) Rain, sleet, hail, snow Will I retreat, hell no Can’t stop, must grow Won’t drop, never let go Rain, sleet, hail, snow Will I retreat, hell no Can’t stop, you must know… I ain’t going nowhere… ever VERSE 3 (Substantial) We came into this world With everything we need so we manage what it hurls Always and forever you’ll never get us to behave Scared to death of kings they’d rather my people be slaves So til hell freezes… I will resist… The call to hang it up as long as I am needed Silence your siren you woke up this giant from sleeping Fightin’ like we’re Tyson and titan mixed with a phoenix HOOK


Following up his latest EP with The Other Guys, Maryland emcee Substantial joins forces with Algorythm (1/2 of the BK production duo The Stuyvesants) for Always. Always is the second of three EPs leading up to Substantial's upcoming fourth studio album, The Past Is Always Present In The Future. Always features GRAMMY nominated, Ethiopian-born, singer/songwriter Wayna, QN5 founder and emcee Tonedeff, DC based singer/songwriter Deborah Bond, Danish singer/songwriter/producer Fjer, and Seattle based Bop Alloy producer Marcus D. Musically, Algorythm provides the perfect soundscape for Substantial's witty and thought provoking lyrics which are sharp as ever. Always is a collection of songs about legacy, life and being present in the moment that will be remembered as the soundtrack to the summer of 2015.

Substantial’s full length album The Past Is Always Present In The Future drops fourth quarter 2015.


released July 17, 2015

Produced by Algorythm


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.



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