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Home Is Where The Art Is - 10th Anniversary Edition

by Substantial

Spilled Milk 03:56
Come on... (x 10) VERSE 1 Man it's hard when you see more bills than checks That’s why I push an XB for wheels, no Lex While I write day and night just to deal with stress Walk these DMV streets like I'm still the best Even though I got an overdrawn account waiting on collb money Frontin ass promoters refusing to ask for me State trooper tailing me, creeping in back of me Traffic violation they call in the calvary Shit ain't adding up and you don't need a math degree I'm here laughing at shit that really ain't that funny But eh man, life ain't perfect Made something of myself with next to nothing to work with And found my purpose, while looking for answers Wife looking for purses, baby looking for pampers Got me looking for paper to feed our needs and our wants So a slice won't due, when you're in need of a chunk Of the proverbial pie, so when shit try to halt This descendant of go-getters ‘bout to get some results So those pennies for thoughts can add up when you get on your grind Especially when you got a lot of shit on your mind, I'm saying... HOOK It's no use crying over spilled milk (Yeah!) Big deal if you fall you can still help (Yeah!) Son I'ma stick to laughing to keep from crying (Yeah!) I'ma stick to living to keep from dying (Yeah!) No time for quitting I keep climbing (Yeah!) In my darkest hour I keep shining (Yeah!) Even when sunset he keep rising (Yeah!) Pick myself up shake it off and keep grinding (Yeah!) Til I take these coals and make diamonds (Yeah!) Always make the best of the situation that I'm in! (Yeah!) VERSE 2 Fuck a plan B if plan A is win, you can quote me God With the mic, stage, or pen... I am going hard While my friends took a break, I was taking chances Labels feeling the kid, now and try to take advantage Every other week of the month I'm like damn this Starving and bamas is trying to feed me canned shit I know I'm hungry, okay more like famished But I done seen things that'll make a grown man cringe But I still will heal with no bandage Found away to still paint pictures with no canvas But I'ma manage 'cause challenge I'm use to. Got every single reason to fail... I refuse to With little promo, no investments, and skeptics Can make this road to success shit hectic. The way I'm barely eating man I should be anorexic Everything's backwards, I ain't even dyslexic Check it, I've tried what other people suggested But being anything other than me's out of the question Found a way to win when others didn't expect it Underdog champ of the decade, respect it! (Yeah!) HOOK (x 2)
Yo! What you hear when you hear this? Yo, what you see when you see me? I hear the struggle and the hustle. See the rumble in the jungle, Where the trouble's never subtle And they rush you on the double! Yeah! So what you hear when you hear this? Yo, what you see when you see me? I hear my brothers on the humble Tryin' to bubble 'fore they tumble. See 'em take off like a shuttle As they rise up from the rubble! VERSE 1 First I hear cussin’, then bussin, then the sirens And I see sufferin’ from domestic violence But I don't hear solutions and I don't see an end near But that's nothing new son, if you ever been here Sometimes I hear laughter, happiness and peace But I don't see it often, just to say the least When I see it is awesome, always glad to hear it And I'm proud of my people keep it up that's the spirit But then I get some bad news death has returned See murders not the answer but bamas never learn Kill each other over money and pussy then see a cell They fronting like it's nothing but from what I hear it's hell But then I see a smile on a child making moves Actually following through on the righteous path that they choose When I hear that type of news, it give a brother hope Like you serve as my muse when you're struggling to cope. So inspiring! Yeah, yeah, yeah! HOOK VERSE 2 Sometimes I rhyme simply to reflect the times Hoping rhymes reach the minds of the dumb, deaf and the blind They don't see what I see, even when it's right in front of them I know they don't hear me though but I still got love for them Regardless I fuck with them ‘cause that’s real unity Remembering it starts with "U" to better our community Because I know I'm one of them but that's not how they see me But if you heard my whole story you wouldn't believe me Hard to believe what you see, harder to feel what you hear Die on your feet, no retreat, some might be killed out of fear Then your homies spill a beer and say your name but this ain't Kwanzaa Reminiscing on them better days while blazing ganja Some might live longer before they act they ponder And slow it down 'fore the fast life made 'em a goner So we now raising glasses in your honor Hold it down, graduating med school with honors and now we proud! HOOK VERSE 3 I heard'em when they told him that he'd never be nothing Even when he told them his plan they thought he was fronting They never saw his vision so how could they ever see him Somehow, someway he'd give them something to believe in Dropped a couple flows then he hit them with the CD Rocked a couple tours then he popped up on the TV Hear'em in surround sound, see the man in 3D Now they got their hands out beggin' him like feed me Never finished college but the step to him like teach me This was long before any of y'all listen to Yeezy Look at him you'll see me, can you hear me now? Been building myself up so no one can tear me down. Even now... Got my eyes wide, ears sharp, finger on the pulse Use my voice for express delivery straight to your thoughts However I observe it, whether I seen or heard it Always find a way to word it, for certain, til the picture's perfect fa'sho, eh! HOOK Do you hear what I hear? Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear? Do you see what I see?
HOOK Yo! All around the world they're (Falling in Love) Yo! Even in my hometown now they're (Falling in Love) 'Bout time! I'll take the award for "Mr. Consistent" He's so persistent, no quit in'em Yall can count on me!!! VERSE 1 Please don't be alarmed, they say 3's a charm (yep) But can't put it on your arm or around your (neck) Put it on repeat when I get on beats (whoa) There is no way to compete or complain (hell no) Quality control, follow me I'll show (you) Lyrics balanced with a flow, you might learn something (too) Critically acclaimed legit is my name (duke) You know this has been my aim from the top (too true) Sure my hair's a little longer I'm a little stronger Probably in a cipher if you catch me on the corner Still no marijuana but I'm a little thinner Might've lost a couple pounds but I still remain a winner And I've been a bit outspoken like MLK on the mall These lames names is Hanes because they stay on my balls My main claim to fame put honor above all I remain the same Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall... too thorough! HOOK VERSE 2 Plenty follow through, you know how I do (plan) Quick to drop a jewel, still about the youth (man) Hardly cockin' tools, I just pop & move (bam) Quick to drop a fool long as I got two (hands) Little bills like cockatoo but I could use Tou(cans) If you're real we can barter dude as long you (fam) I am cool, built to kick it like a soccer shoe (and) I'm the truth while the doubters still ain't got a clue (damn) HOOK Sure, I stopped drinking and I cuss a lot less But fuck around I'll play drunken master you put me to the test More lover than a fighter but still nicer than average You would think I had clones the way I be multitasking You can call me captain or plain ole Stan (Eh, cuz what's crackin?!) Same ole fam 'Cept a little more fresh, thankfully I'm not poor Gave poultry a rest and I travel a lot more, overall Not that much has change I am still the same (Sub) I create w/ a passion, I'm try'na make (Love) Perfect blend of heart and brain when I do my thing (bruh) You look visibly in pain, beat bang (like uh!) It's like a blank canvas with a beautiful frame (yep) No limit to what I can do with the paint (son) Thoughts blooming like it's Spring don't usually sing (but) This here music's in my veins consistently mang, mang, ma-a-ang... I tried mama HOOK Can't stop, won't stop rockin' to the rhythm Can't stop, won't stop, no quit in 'em Can't stop, won't stop rockin' to the rhythm Can't stop, won't stop, no quit in 'em Can't stop, won't stop rockin' to the rhythm Can't stop, won't stop, no quit in 'em Can't stop, won't stop rockin' to the rhythm Can't stop, won't stop, no quit in 'em
Yeah Yeah These are the people in my neighborhood. In my neighborhood, in my neigh-bor-hood! These are the people in my neighborhood. In my neighborhood, in my neigh-bor-hood! Yeah... Algorythm what up? Yeah! HOOK Things ain't what they seem You don't know who to believe From the preachers to thieves You better (Watch out now!) They wanna get what you got Wanna be what they not They don't know when to stop You better (Watch out now!) Area's on the rise Want they slice of the pie Got they eyes on the prize You better (Watch out now!) Say it one mo'gin Better (Watch out now!) VERSE 1 (SUBSTANTIAL) Watch out for any half ass Muslims or a part-time Christian Door-to-door Jehovah's Witness on a mission Watch out for that Carry-Out Cat (whoops) Carry-Out Chicken Any club wit’ a thug's being carried out, listen Little later couple slugs gon' be hurried out the clip Watch as the party goers start to scurry out quick Watch for clean lookin chicks, in a dirty outfit With a big Adam's apple and some hairy armpits Better watch for them Rollas and them Scallywags If you hit it hope you got a bag For you end up in a body bag Gas ain't the only rate high around here Oooh baby I like it raw but shit, not around here (whoa!) Uh-uh, Uh-uh (no!) Watch out, watch out (yo!) Push-on, push-on (go!) Watch out for the old lady watching from the window of her crib Hardly see her out the house but she know everybody biz HOOK VERSE 2 (ACEM) While you at it better watch that new face on strip Saw you walking to that stash spot, you ain’t slick Keep in my mind that the pretty young woman you with Got some cousins that know about every dollar you get While you looking, have u seen the ingredients there? If they fry it, you gon buy it but we need healthcare Watching all these little boys as they grow up scared Never of another man but of being a man But they watching entertainers so they changing their hair To look like theirs, my neighborhood's identity is no longer there Done up and gentrified the streets we used to ride Now that old popeyes is luxury highrises So who u gon side wit? The natives or intruders No name on that bullet in the barrel of the shooter Cameras on the corner watching everybody movements I hope you watch your neighborhood the way they watching you HOOK VERSE 3 (ACE) And the reason they aint watching, they blindfolded Moving aimlessly, same direction they minds going (SUB) It's a shame to see them steady fallin' and not knowing Hit rock bottom and find'em laid out top popped open (ACEM) Like the heat won’t stop smoking, loved ones in dire need of sleep They just laying on the sheets with their eyes opened (SUB) Hoping things get better but the problem won't stop growing Difficult to carry the weight with both of your arms broken (ACEM) Watch, cause they motives, ulterior, not spoken the minute you're not focused, they looking your plans over (SUB) And leaving you ran over & left for dead Try'na get ahead, on that quest for bread (ACEM) Then they get it and realize, the things that it won't buy Life is a whole journey, they concerned with a joyride (SUB) We watching at all times, from friends to foes Novice to pros, this is how it goes, you better watch it! HOOK
Resilient 03:35
VERSE 1 The television say that I'm suppose to be a crook The message is the same on every station that I look Gonna hide something from me they say put it in a book 'Cause that's the last place that a simpleton would look But sorry to disappoint, never been to the clink Known to kill shit, just not the way that you think And not afraid to do just that, I ain't stupid Some get brain then act scared to use it That there is foolish You've got me mistaken Got too much love to waste my life hatin' Suppose to rhyme about the money I be makin' Dessert chef stee, my G, strictly cakin' But if I did that then clearly I'd be fakin' Instead I rhyme about the difference I be makin' Suppose to be a rapper, I'm an MC You'd be one too if you knew your history We went from toastin', boastin', to loafin' Pioneers pissed that they left the door open. We're suppose to make them proud. I still plan to By kicking all these lame men out, Substantial's Suppose to be a quitter and absentee father But I figure what's more precious than my daughter Nada! Develop her mind so she's smarter And destined to do great things like her father! HOOK Speak about it Then I be about it Where would I be without it Brilliant! Speak about it Then I be about it Where would I be without it Resilient! VERSE 2 I'm suppose to be homeless Slept on the floors of my brothers, no Jonas So I... ain't... thinkin' 'bout opponents Went from the couch surfer to an homeowner Where I'm from that's called progress I'm the truth indeed I plead no contest I'm suppose to be a thief no conscious Only stole the show at sold out concerts And never sold any kinda Contraband to no man. No ganja Don't let the locks fool ya, y'all got me twisted No sice, no stereotype, no statistic! Shape up or ship out in this game Take a little off the top, go against the grain And keep my cuts bold, refuse to be faded But when your green's light you're usually jaded HOOK VERSE 3 I'm suppose to be a failure But I catch breaks Like a breath of fresh air and the snare's my inhaler Brought a brother back when I should've been silenced I'm suppose to be a victim of gun violence Thrice! But my spirits defiant The earth gave birth to a sun with a vibrant Light! But my heart should be black Overcompensating for everything that I lack In fact I'm the polar opposite of that But they act like I only play sports and sell crack And/Or rap I can be that and much more Came a long way though they tried to leave me cut short Hard work pays, what I need luck for? Guess I was suppose to be scared of a shut door Can't halt my train of thoughts conductor Express lines nonstop when tracks cut off. HOOK
Yeah, I like that! Uh-huh! Oddisee I appreciate the recommendation. Lets go... yeah, yo! VERSE 1 Name: Substantial, Address: Nunya! Baltimore resident, but people know I'm from the... County where the Prince is a G, it's no wonder That even in the dead of winter, the block is live as summer Where dudes got that work, but I'm ji' mo' selective Pass the line that is second you will find my objective I'm seeking a position that will further my development While fattening my pockets 'cause I don't rhyme for the hell of it You need my work experience and past employers? I'm down with QN5. Former U.V. Ink owner And I use to be with Hyde Out and the late great Nujabes Wherever I go my motto's "Be great do your best" Responsible for making sure that we stay stupid fresh Locally and globally while they help me get these groceries And keep the fam eatin', I keep the fans fiendin' And hit them with the potency of a professional, dope MC You know it's me! HOOK Can't speak for these other guys but You can check my resume man, I'm qualified yep Why would I lie bruh, (Nobody as fresh as this Hit man for higher, check my references!) Can't speak for these other guys but You can check my resume man, I'm certified yep You can put’em high up, (Nobody as fresh as this Hit man for higher, check my references!) VERSE 2 I should be your 1st pick, long before the second interview 3rd LP's a 4 out of 5 minimum Even with short pockets stood taller than Sentinel Drive is uncanny, not your average individual You'd think I graduated from the Xavier Institute But School of Hard Knocks is where I took my classes Where I got my Master of Ceremony tactics My Poor Righteous Teachers taught me to make only classics You may know me as this Educator and a Vocalist Who the hell you know's a Team Player and a Soloist Can dress to impress but I'm fly when I'm plain Too thorough, if I quit you would hire me again So fire him if he lame I've come for what's mine Work around the clock so I can keep up with the times Since elementary I flipped a dub from a dime While they get the pink slip I get the W-9 HOOK VERSE 3 I'm the man for the job, while these slackers do jobs for the man Knowing that it blows, sometimes it's involving their hands They are really hoes. Don't you want a person with integrity Setting goals, tailored for success, you can measure me On my accolades and my skill in the field of rhyme Future so bright, man, for real, leave you feeling blind Plottin' chart toppin while I chill and I'm killin' time Skills gettin' better but they still ain't as ill as mine Don't take my word here's some references to check up with You can call the Gods, UAU is who they represent Holla at Odd, he made the beat the I mettle wit' Or Tone & PackFM because my famm is extended trick Call my peeps Marcus D if you want that better shit Me & my bre-th-ren... stick together like a pair of tits Call Kool Herc & Busy Bee, I ain't arrogant But here's a quick reminder just in case it still ain't evident, yo! HOOK
Make Believe 03:09
INTRO (Sample) I wish you were real Instead of make believe. VERSE Where everything's fair, people live without care Unless it's coupled with health, we would all share the wealth Where our planet won't melt, don't like the hand you were delt It's no biggie for real, you just tell them re-deal And you'd learn how to play your cards right from the day You saw light and could make it alright anyway Your life would be great so all I gotta say "I wish you were real" (I can dream, can't I?!) Where my daughter could play and there's no possible way She could be kidnapped or raped or even hit by a stray Where relationships last like my grandparents And nobody is glass, you know, transparent Unbreakable soul, we'd be great as a whole Unafraid to be bold till we're taking control Even making our goals but it's fake, yeah I know! "I wish you were real" (I can dream, can't I?!) HOOK I'ma speak on it Then come up with a plot, give it all I got then sleep on it And I just might pray before I rest I say "I wish you were real" Amen. Yeah. (I can dream, can't I?!) VERSE 2 Where you wouldn't need drugs to get rid of your pain All you need is love would be more than a saying We would value our people and not the money they earn We'd never stop growing always looking for something to learn And our women would know that their scalp ain't something to burn You were beautiful long before you were fuckin' with perms Tummy tucks, implants and such Girl "I wish you were real" (I can dream, can't I?!) Where there's only crabs on your plate or in the sea Then maybe I wouldn't have bastards hatin' on me Where hate don't exist and happiness thrives Where we struggle much less and live happier lives We'd believe in ourselves like we believe in God Wouldn't be up in jail life wouldn't be this hard I know this dream is far fetched, I guess But "I wish you were real" (I can dream, can't I?!) HOOK VERSE 3 Where people stop wishin' and start completing their mission Where we all would teach fishin' always eager to listen Where the industries stable and people pay you your fee Then maybe I would be able to do this youth work for free Where there's no need for a center for Alternative Learning And the teachers would be worthy of the money they're earning Better education, constant elevation "I wish you were real" (I can dream, can't I?!) I work toward it everyday so I can make you see The world I'm talking about ain't just gotta be make believe So whenever you decide to do more than complain Maybe the world would change instead of more of the same Children in horrible pain, floss without any AIM Lost, trying to maintain cause their family's lame They need some dedication even a better nation "I wish you were real" (I can dream, can't I?!) HOOK
So sorry, so... so sorry So sorry, so... so sorry So sorry, so... so sorry Next time I'll do it right but can I do you right now VERSE 1 Damn, what I do? (What?) Why you pissed at me? Ahh man, true. (Oh!) It does look crappy. Is it that serious, 'cause you hella steamed I try to get it right but you always intervene. Besides, you know I had a long day. My bad for putting the onesie on the wrong way. And no, I didn't smell her diaper. (You smell that shit in the air?) Well, I might've. But eh baby why waste a good evening. You know you shouldn't yell like hell when she's sleeping. Besides, when you're pissed the shits sexy. And I wanna kiss those lips so just let me... Make it up to you and give you something to smile 'bout. 'Cause it's a waste of energy to fuss and wild out. Afterwards, you bite my lip and say that I'm bad It's so good I might intentionally start making you mad But eh... HOOK (Deacon The Villian) Baby let me make it up... ...to you! I’ll do it while I’m making love... alright ...to you, you, baby! VERSE 2 My bad, I know I'm late again Had another show and I know that you hate it when I ain't on time, said 1, didn't make it in 'Til quarter pass 3, new couch, time to break it in Either that or lay in the bed with your back to me But actually, that doesn't sound bad to me! Don't be mad at me, I hate it when you're holding out You ain't gotta front, if you're mad why'd you poke it out. Threaten me with a good time, bet I show up With a loaded gun like don't move it's a hold up And do hard time for my crimes of passion Things slip your mind when it's time for action Recline, relax and accept my apology As long as it takes them to fix the economy At least let a brother slide with a warning And you can tell me how I ain't shit in the morning 'til then... HOOK BRIDGE Eh... look here baby... I need, I need you to calm d... calm down. Breath... there y... okay, there ya’ go. Now look, I don’t know what else to do, baby. I done had Deacon sing to you. But you know what? Ya know I ain’t gon’ give up just yet. I’m a bring in the good brother, Olivier Daysoul... And maybe he can help me out. Ya’ know I can’t quite sing but I’ma let him sing it to ya’ Can ya’ help brother? Come on! (Olivier Daysoul) Woo! Baby yeah! I wanna make love to you... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ye... eah... eh babe. Youuuu baby... You make me feel so good! Yeah, yeahhhh, yeah, yeah, yeah. HOOK
Bannnn! (Ah Shit!) VERSE 1 If the grass is greener on the other side, Then why inn the hell did you choose to come here? (Do tell!) I am not a weakling like these other guys. I am not frail so, just to be clear... (You'll fail!) Your portfolio is foliage is autumn. Pretty for a few weeks until it hit bottom. Fetch my Leaf Blower. You might con most With what you compose but it's mostly compost Plant foot in your ass like I punt for a team You bums are all thumbs but none of them green In the jungle you're king? You're lyin', a mere dande A Stan of Stan because I'm apt with Stanleys Build and destroy when I find fertile ground Aerate dirty tracks right before I put it down Clowns spreading their manure as soon as they get in town But I got fresh shit on my own, move along, man! HOOK (DJ GI Joe & Substantial) (Aww Shit) Come on, son! (Aww Shit) Really?! (Aww Shit) You serious? (Aww Shit) Psh, this nigga! VERSE 2 Listen Better curb your dog No mics, just vics when they carry you off Need to respect my property for I off ya' ass You ain't too high to read the sign, "Keep off the grass!" Plow through shrubs Bogardin’ my yard And you wack ass crab grass pardon the God Dig this... I'm underground 'til I'm top soil Rake green w/ my team 'til our plots foiled I don't throw dirt when the plan's to clean up Hard labor got me looking like I ran through the sprinklers This is my turf and I'm the landscaper But they don't want to give me work 'cause I demand paper Hey... could be baggin’ leaves but I hustle my art best Plantin' seeds of wealth so we'll be eating by harvest No doubt, in droughts I will sprout regardless Without handouts or progress from congress They all pest, stop buggin! HOOK VERSE 3 Another long day now it's back to the shed So I can put the tools away and just relax in the bed But the earth's secret garden is in need of tending She leaves to freshen up and give her hedges a trimming In a day filled with more Lowes than highs She's miracle grow, 'round her I'm known to rise Like the baking sun when the AM come We make way for fun a little wake & stake You on the other hand can't get a break as of late Messing with rusty hoes and burning bush Better mind your own lawn for you start the hating 'Cause it's clearly in need of some cultivating You ain't got enough skill to be playing the field son No balls, in fact you lack the will, son A cut above the rest, I'm the lawnmower man So before you try to bomb on my land think again chump! HOOK
(Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the lord my soul to keep The angels watch me through the night Until I wake to morning light. AMEN.) VERSE 1 Him and his wife stuck together for the kids right? But the situation's left hand dap, it ain't right. They argue and pick fights, noon to midnight. Hopefully these verbal exchanges don't lead to fist fights. He says to himself he want to get this right But the voice in his head is softer than Brian McKnight's He wanna max well, that failed in spite Of a gallant effort and a plethora of insight, which might Be the reason he ain't slept in 6 nights Now a bottle of brown liquor is his vice Things continue to go wrong with Miss Right Damn, this ain't what he had planned... for his life Stares deep into the mirror and dislikes The man staring back at him now he wish life Would just come to an end, he should think twice No turning back when that last breath leave you windpipe The Devil's a lie and he will entice you When you feel real low and your shit's tight too Your fire and desire becomes a dim light Now each day he pray something that’ll ignite And spark his soul once again despite The recent challenges he's facing are a bit trife Meanwhile he sending better days am invite So close to the edge, soon to be in-flight. Hold on! HOOK (Steph) He's on the verge And I see that she's on the verge And it seems that we on the verge Damn we're so (close to the edge) REPEAT HOOK VERSE 2 Sometimes I even feel like it's easier to exit And I understand why so many brothers jetted When life's hell hard to tell when you're blessed Can't have a testimony until you're tested And for me and my siblings who are a sextet We've received death threats even been molested Running most of our lives ain't get to rest yet Like us beating the odds is our best bet And as a teen almost got a youngin pregnant Livin' fast chasin' that ass unprotected Lame trying to get in the game with no helmet Fool trying to be cool and smoother than velvet It was suggested that I go get tested Thankfully, I'm negative that's what the test said Attitude's positive the opposite of wretched Cut off what's killing me like Grand Daddy left leg What the Blood clot?! Family ties with red thread Bloodline hold me together whenever faced by the dreaded Man this wicked world is so infested With roaches and rats, suckers with gats dead set On leaving bullets embedded in your head set This the main world I known since I used to bed wet Up's where we're headed Give a brother credit I maintain and ain't fall of the edge yet. Give thanks. HOOK BRIDGE HOOK
Umoja 03:53
VERSE 1 Could've made a baby mom out of ya' but I figured wife was better I wrote Eclipse for you instead of writing letters You held down through my endeavors and in turn We gained experience through rotten weather and we learned... That above this fog is Cloud 9 Visibility's low but I don't let cloud mine I see you... but this ain't Pandora But fight for your man and you know he'll fight for ya' But in the meantime... we keep Peace & Order Plant food for thought and keep our seed watered Like many before us we could play this solo But we make a better chorus 'cause we make great music (together) An imperfect harmony Couple scars but we're durable like mahogany And over the years it may crack and splinter When it's colder that last year's winter but we hold it (together) Like our lives depended on it No fluff, built this with the proper components! That's why... HOOK (Together) (Together) VERSE 2 Uh-huh! What’s unity without family, right? Eh... Pops in the cemetery, bro was in the military Mom ain't got a mister and I got 5 sisters Only two I'm not in contact with. No grudges, Man I'm too old to be on that ish. Still love'em and If you're listening I hope life's treating you well And your thirst for success too strong for you to fail Lesson learned from my fam, in fact The very thing that helped me make it through hell and back And I'm cool. How fire gon' burn the sun? Don't be a fool I learned what resilient meant because of you and (together) We continue to make it through Cancer, Mental Illness, Diabetes, and who... Knows what else but I'll tell you what we can do Raise our kids healthier and wiser but we gotta do it (together) For Dillain, Octy, & Ren Ren And all my little fam, a better future's within them... yeah! HOOK VERSE 3 Yo... I ain't even gotta know you to show you love 'Cause nowadays complete strangers could be your blood So I treat everybody like a cous’ on a GP Until your attitude switch from love to "bleep" me Everybody and their mama from the street But when it need improvements, they forget it completely How you gonna make a child and not raise'em Tell me, can you love your God and not praise him? Same goes for your offspring or it fall on... Me to make everything alright when it's all wrong Call on me, we share a common enemy Inner-turmoil from not knowing our true identity Turn our backs on the exact ones we should bond with I got your back young we need action to make progress (Together) We can conquer any nonsense Invest in one another and our people shall profit Lets start it! HOOK
HOOK (Kokayi) Hey, if somehow I find a way Just to make through today I will say that I'm so grateful If I die before the break of day There is nothing more to say But for the time we've shared, I'm so grateful Verse 1 (Kenn Starr) I re-emerge back from the ashes Born again back from the past tense Sorta like The Passion, the backlash from them back lashes Our future and our present and past sins wrapped in A sacrifice, askin' myself if I'm rappin' For the right reasons, scared cuz it seems if A lifetime dream might be just for season If that's the case then how am I 'sposed to leave it Believe that I could do this forever and a day But to God man forever is a day So I'm set up either way, Tryna find answers Yeah a nigga pray, wondering if mine answered Like gettin' a catscan and hopin' that they don't find cancer I'm hopin' that all my fans stand up Show me your support and tell me you still listen Lemme know if its cool to keep it real for a minute Let's build for a minute can anybody relate to Being in the game strugglin' to stay faithful Not to a lover or a significant other But the morals instilled when you was lil' from your mother But still it's a mother navigating through an industry Infatuated with hatin' and friends turn to enemies Saturated with the temptation to take a turn towards Chasin' the fame and admiration ain't tryna burn for it HOOK Verse 2 (Substantial) When my last experience has been acquired And I arrive at the date I will expire I hope I am surrounded by extraordinary folks that I admire And hopefully a few that I've inspired Nothing here is certain, except the show must end and they'll eventually close the curtain But will my life be worthy of an encore Or standing ovation, man I'm so gracious Even though I put in more work than job core Walking the line between heartfelt and hardcore Transforming pages into little paper Concordes So I can travel the sky before I live in it No regrets y'all if my all's what I'm giving in it This song ain't about what I should've did different Just appreciatin' each moment up to this minute This Kick, this Snare, this Bar I'm ecstatic that I've made it this far, this heart Could've cease to beat and I would hardly be seizing beats Or even see my seed or greet peeps with "Peace" I would rest in it, that's a definite And my goal's to never quit 'til I'm a resident Of a casket or better yet an earn The sun will shine forever while you burn baby burn Last words to my daughter would be learn baby learn And make your mark Can't break your spirit even though they might break your heart! HOOK OUTRO (Substantial) Dedicated to our family and friends To our worldwide supporters and fans Just had to take time to say that... (Kokayi) I'm so grateful! (Substantial) QN5 Music Low Budget M-Phazes (Kokayi) I'm so grateful



The DMV rapper Substantial has been ripping mics for years. Starting with the self made label U.V. Ink, he began making his mark on the game. His debut solo did well everywhere but particularly in Japan where he hit the Top 10. This success set off a career touring Asia that led the emcee to touch down in Taiwan, China, Japan and more – not to mention Europe and almost all of North America. As things began to get busier he linked with QN5 to focus solely on artistic creation. His collaborations have been equally profound including work with the legendary DJ Kool Herc, Bootsy Collins, Chew Fu, Cunninlynguists, and even an appearance on Bruce Kulick’s (of KISS) album alongside all-star rocker Gene Simmons. His videos have appeared on MTV, BET, and VH1, while his music has made it to the second round of Grammy voting in 3 categories. Even the renowned car company Bentley reached out to have Substantial create a song for them and perform in China at their car show. Vogue Magazine included his music in a recent playlist. Not bad for the PG County rapper who has also contributed heavily to his community’s well being by way of building recording studios for disadvantaged youth in conjunction with the Covenant House and raising money for school music programs in VH1’s Save The Music Series. For his newest album “Home Is Where The Art Is” (Mello Music Group) Substantial enlisted the help of executive producer Oddisee who also mixed the record and contributed a large portion of the production. And that’s just the start, no wonder they call him Substantial.

PLEASE NOTE: All acapellas and instrumentals owned by Substantial are only available for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE OR MONETIZATION.


released September 4, 2012


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.



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