by Substantial

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    Limited 12" double LP of Substantial's classic sophomore album, 'Sacrifice'*. This is first time 'Sacrifice' has ever been pressed and it's 180 gram heavy black vinyl released just in time for it's 10 year anniversary.

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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Limited 12" double LP of Substantial's classic sophomore album, 'Sacrifice'*. This is first time 'Sacrifice' has ever been pressed and it's 180 gram heavy black vinyl released just in time for it's 10 year anniversary.

    *Note: This vinyl pressing does not include bonus tracks.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Sacrifice [DELUXE EDITION] via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Comes in a jewel case with cover art that includes a fold out Substantial poster.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Sacrifice [DELUXE EDITION] via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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"Sacrifice" is the second full-length studio album by Maryland Hip Hop luminary and longtime QN5-affiliate/Extended Famm member, Substantial. The official follow up to the Nujabes-produced "...To This Union A Sun Was Born," Sacrifice showcases the remarkable growth and musical maturity that this soulful barritone has undergone. From braggadocio to introspection to classic party starters, it's all here. Tackling a wide range of topics from the inside out, Sacrifice features production by Kno (CunninLynguists), Tonedeff, Algorhythm & Burns, as well as guest vocals by fellow QN5 labelmates Extended Famm.


released January 8, 2008


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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Track Name: Let It Go
I can’t hold back I gotta let it go
Held on for too long I gotta let it go
If I don’t find my way then I’ll never know
Who I am truly let the beat move me

Then I’ll go where it takes me
Releasing all the shit I’ve been holding in lately
At this rate see fam it’s bound to break me
Mess around and give new meaning to crazy
And lately I’ve been dwelling on this fact
Discovering new ways to keep my sanity in tact
I can’t get back to carefree living
Rent’s thirteen plus a month where we’re living
So kids right now is a scary vision
With my income support I’ll barely give them
Afraid at times but strength’s rarely missing
I crave to shine although every prison’s
A bit over-crowed they’ll make an exception
For a brother my size about my complexion
Hell no Cuz that’s out of the question
Though I’m often stressed and I fight with depression
I realized life is a lesson I don’t always
Like where I’m heading so I write with aggression
Hard to be polite when you’re stressing
Not a thing’s P.C. about my a-alikes and my brethren
Made the mic our weapon found peace on loose leaf
Classics manufactured on no more than two sheets
I black out on bright white for you chief
And rap ‘bout how this trife life is too deep
It’s an ancient epic not a news brief
Same shit under the sun just a new thief
Man I gotta get it together handle my business
Maybe if I handled it better they couldn’t steal this
God given talent that I’ve taken for granted
Still no call backs labels making me panic
All the while black trying to chase this and manage
A relationship avoiding heartache and damage
To my soul damn it does a number to my spirit
So I cry out in pain knowing someone will hear it
If I don’t dumb down will they run from my lyrics
My fear is some will shun the things I hold dearest
So hear this from now on letting it all go
Like there’s no tomorrow ‘fore I drown in a bottle
Of top shelf liq’ with a twist of my sorrow
If I finish it all yo we’ll both be hollow
Life is what you make it is the motto I follow
Hard to slow your roll when you’ve been living full throttle
Trying to make my dreams manifest but it’s hard though
Feel like I got a better chance at hitting the lotto
See the blood sweat and tears staining my cargos
From slaying fans waving hands screaming out bravo
And encore like Jay - 26th letter
Glad you think I’m dope but I’m trying to get better
Some think I’m barely scratching the surface
And I’ve probably held back in over half of the verses
I’ve ever written and I probably shouldn’t spit’em
‘Cause that’s about as pointless as watered down venom
You should feel it in your heart and veins when it’s in them
But it seems it’s barely felt when the aim was to kill them so I…


I’ll go where it takes me, take me home Burns
I’ll go where it takes me, take me home
I’ll go where it takes me, take me home God
I’ll go where it takes me, take me home
I’ll go where it takes me, take me home Lord
I’ll go where it takes me, take me home
Take, take me home, Take, take me home
Take, take me home, Take, take me home… Let It Go.
Track Name: That Damn Good
Some sad shit even your adlibs was bad kid
No way in hell you gon’ pack loot like Madlib
Damn your crew abandoned you like dad did
Did I do that shit? I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
It’s your friendly neighborhood “Fuck You I Rhyme Better” Man
Bound to make more top ten list than David Letterman
Meanwhile in a hot church you couldn’t get a fan
Me lose? Never man I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
We got fly women at the showcase
While that chick on your arm’s better off with no face
Not even top 3 you’re luck to see forth place
I stay doing tour dates. I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
And Stan could slap you out your SouthPole
Keep it up and get your mouth stole ‘til you’re out cold
Damn right I’m trying to make the name household
Never will I fold. I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!

Shorty came in here with you.
All on mine should be clinging to you
But I really don’t mind it don’t seem that she do either
Could be that I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
Or son it’s the swagger
And that I lay pipe like a damn plumbing master
If she ran away from you, I’m who she’s running
’Cause this bastard is THAT DAMN GOOD!
And she can bare witness to that
Knew from how she stared at the kid when he rapped
Gone for 5 minutes and she missing a cat
Guess she getting attached ‘cause I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
Or maybe your sticking is lame
And that’s the real reason that you’re missing a dame
Now you’re home jacking off ‘til your dick is in pain
All ‘cause I’m spitting flames as I THAT DAMN GOOD!

I know the shit isn’t fair
’Cause you can’t see me like the vision impaired
And I rip and I tear thru the kick and the snare
Like the biggest of bears ‘cause I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
This grizzly gets busy!
While you all handle balls like Doug Christie
You’s a Sac King. Mute your yapping
When I do the damn thing ‘cause I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
Yo… I’m a renaissance man
If they ever broke the mold probably did it on Stan
If you plan to go to war, keep spitters on standby
Can’t lie man I’m THAT DAMN GOOD!
On some full blown AIDS shit not to be played with
Competition love it so much they have to hate it
Frustrated, like handless thieves they can’t take it
Real skills you can’t fake it I am THAT DAMN GOOD!
Track Name: Chain Reaction
Jump, Move, Kick, Scream
Wild out, Get mean
Break, Smash, Have fun
Chain Re-ac-tion

(It’s Showtime) strap yourself in
Once the rapping begin you can start packing in
(I’m a goldmine) watch him drop gems
Got them rocking, popping, locking
(Closed minds) I open them wide
The quotes that I write have you hoping I died
Got you open tonight lets go for a ride
(Sky high) from the dope I provide
(Why try) that would really be silly duke
Can’t you see that they clearly ain’t feeling you
Lyrically leaving crews visibly miserable
(He’s too invincible) these dudes are pitiful
Giving you heat since Invisible man
And to this union you know who I am
All Nighter (raw writer)
Pyro rhyme flow (more fire)!!!


…Are you making the face yet?
Dropped in 1st round go get his replacement
(Album’s finally here you’ve been patient)
Though you wanted it so bad you can taste it
Took my time with it the vision was beautiful
Couldn’t just hit it as business as usual
Something exquisite so it’s just more musical
Sad this caliber of hip-hop is new to you
(Who is you?) Substantial the merciless
One of the nicest they don’t mean I courteous
Don’t get beat down ‘til you’re bluish and purplish
Doubting my skill ‘cause you never heard of this
(Purposeless hate) You’re truly wor-th-less
Only crew you got’s emergency services
Murdered it Berkowitz style (The Summer of Stan)
Now give it up for your man


If it moves you
Why not move two
Better yet three
Or four get me

I’m from the place where music was cranking before it was crunk
Life is an elevator Joe live it up
(U.V. is here) ‘til you’re sick of us
On some Neosporin shit (we in the cut)
‘Til we peel like a scab! Rappers
Like strippers revealing their ass!
That’s only surface but what’s with your inner beginner
Remember to spit from your soul
Spit something cold as Cube in his prime
Why would I sell out I’m doing just fine
Perusing no crime doing no time
Donnan Links gave me a tune that’s sublime
(So hate on!) But you know what your momma think
You sensitive sounding real soft and pink
‘Cause I stole the show before you blinked
Plus wifey’s a fan you saw her wink


Track Name: Resurrection of the House Party
Yo Navi, it’s my birthday
I should party for my birthday
Have a house party for birthday
Dog I’m serious… it’s really my birthday
But I ain’t trying to hit up the club tonight
And I shouldn’t have to pay to get buzzed tonight
Plenty liq at the crib so I fittin’ to get
On the horn and have something sick where I live
Move all the furniture in the back room
Put a sign up that says don’t shit in my bathroom
Hide anything that looks expensive
Shower so the body odor isn’t offensive
Draped in Up & Up and a blazer by Concep
And other fresh shit that you haven’t got on yet
Gon’ get my neighbors real heated with this one
House party of the year this that shit sun!

This is for my people that’s sick of the club
If you miss house party’s then give me some love and say…
Oh la oh la eh! (Ladies)
(Oh la oh la eh!)

No sausage parties you know what we need bruh
So I call ladies 1st like Latifah
Speaking of which grab some old school hip-hop
& classic soul to guarantee your shits hot
Like MJ I wanna be starting something
Grab reggae to get the party jumping
Oh and I better not forget the slow jams
For when we get close and I don’t mean hold hands
Oh damn! Too late to get a DJ
Normally I’d call DP with no delay
Or Kool Herc ‘cause that’s my people
He started this shit so there’s no equal
Don’t wanna bother so I do it myself
‘Cause back in the day I use to do this myself
Use to hustle mixtapes ‘fore the raps was fire
But never mind gotta cop the appetizers


Bring only fam here with you
All love here leave your pistol
Bring chips and liquor with you
Just don’t break my momma’s crystal
U act like you don’t party
Relax and move your body
Fam it’s a celebration
Feels like constant elevation

At a house party is where you can find me
Everything’s peace no fools that’s grimy
No pat downs from a dude named Tiny
Drinks are free and the food is fine B
(HEY!) Watch all the people jumping
Like the dance floor is a trampoline or something
Wifey grinding on me while the beat is pumping
Fronting like “I’m no freak or nothing”
We’ll see about that when these negros go home
Did I just hear something break love hold on
As much as I hate to be a party pooper
Break my shit are you stupid (Bounce!)
But that’s just the price you pay
For letting all these party people in your house today
While the neighbors complain ‘cause it sounds like a riot
And that’s why their punk ass wasn’t invited


Track Name: U Can Get It/This Instrument (Interlude)
God Damn ya! Body’s calling
Only right that I answer, and I’m fluent in body language
So speak to me, So I can have you reaching peaks
Frequently as you feel you need to be
‘Cause you freaking me, is as necessary
As a brother breathing see the hottest February,
In east coast history. I see you giving me the eye
Magic stick wizardry it’s like I live between your thighs
With this powerful staff like Gandolph
Got your wrists pinned down me got this hands off
Me run tings for now baby wait your turn
I’ll school an apt pupil love watch and learn.
Headed south of the border turn you out turn you over
Put my mouth and it on ya’ yo somebody should’ve told ya’
‘Cause now ya’ know the reason for the way I behave
This explains why I have to shave every three days I’m so nasty!!!

Come test me now, you’re so sexy gal
You can get it, get it, get it
This is risky biz so lets get down, Me don’t mess around
You’ll get it, get it, get it!

This here ain’t nothing to laugh at
‘Cause it hurt so good like getting your ass smacked
More than hair get pulled when I do the damn thing
So physical I damn near pulled a hamstring
For what I’m planning you’ll need a physical trainer
And it’s a bad thing to use the term no-brainer
Girl take it and love it like a thief in the night
Hope you didn’t plan on sleeping tonight
What I’m seeing I like, it’s looking like something
That I need in my life you better stop fronting
Got me fiending just like a junky got me lunchin’
‘Cause them jeans hella tight the way they compliment your onion
Now my eye’s getting misty plus you got this look
Like you’re dying to hit me off don’t be shook
Round 2 (ding) I heard you talking ‘bout you’re tired
Gave your inner thighs hickeys now that got you inspired
And re-energized quickly can you ride with me
Saddle up gal I get it nice and sticky
Bedroom rodeo wanna see them things
You were promising to show me though, girl I’m here to work
Please observe my portfolio!


1) I know it sound brutal, but I’m only being truthful
2) When I say that you can get it get it
3) So if you’re down to go at it I’ll be glad to let you have it
4) You can get it get it

In the worse way, standing up in a hammock
In the back of Yugo ‘til we both can’t stand it
I’ll smash ya in the middle of Alaska
Even give it to you in a natural disaster
The real thigh master keeps them hips working
To ensure that your orgasm is certain
And I’ll put a hurting on your pretty little kitty
So you miss me when I’m gone like Sex in the City
And I’m sorry if it’s throbbing and it feel kinda tender
But baby that’s the way I leave you something to remember
And I promise I won’t miss a millimeter on your body
You can’t get this kinda work out with Pilates or Taebo
I know you’re conscious of the figure that you’re packing
Don’t lose all that goodness dieting with Atkin’s
‘Cause a brother like me need something to hold on
Keep a steady pace so the marathon’s prolonged
So make the face when I take a taste
You look great in lace but better in nada
The veteran rocker of aqua mattress
Beyond off the hook it’s off the atlas
Take all your baddest behavior’s bring those
Leave your bra and thong behind because you won’t need those
‘Cause I can’t promise they won’t get tarnished
Hot sex on a platter minus the garnish (OH!)

You’re so sexy gal, Come test me now
You can get it get it get it
This is risky biz so let’s get down I don’t mess around
You can get it got it good!
Track Name: My Favorite Things ft. Steph, The Sapphic Songstress
HOOK [Steph]
MCs kick rhymes to beats or acapella
Graf artists tagging year round through all weather
Our culture’s evolving what next will it bring
Hip-hop is one of my favorite things
DJ’s b-boys and b-girls are so clever
They called it a fad but we’re hip-hop forever
We love our culture to it we shall cling
Hip-hop is one of my favorite things

Hip-Hop culture a way of life that’s preyed on by vultures
To fatten up their pockets some really thought they’d stop it
And called it a fad all to the bad when you dissing they’re way of life
Son is a trip button your lip peep what I say tonight
See it started in the South Bronx but this brother here’s from Maryland
Home of Mambo sauce and emcees who be shining like sterling
That’s a whole ‘nother song moving along back to the subject
H-I-P to the H-O-P man I love it
It consist of four elements some say five or more
If you didn’t know that until now what the hell you rhyming for
There’s breaking & rhyming, deejaying & graf
I add on beatboxing because I practice that craft
Like (beatbox) it’s crucial
When you ain’t got a beat in the cipher it’s quite useful
Then there was breaking see I stopped that quite early
Didn’t like the idea that some dance moves could hurt me
But still find popping and locking to be mad nice
Just now all my energy is used only to grab mics
And rock rock on to the dawn of early morning
Still do graffiti just took my moms warning
And kept it on the paper to avoid central booking
But to hell with jail I was more scared of butt whuppings
Now I’m a grown man with hip-hop still way up in me
And I’ll love it for life even if I never see one penny

See an ignorant man made a statement that’s so wrong
When he said rap music is an oxymoron
True most of us don’t sing some curse when they’re rapping
Some of us use sample and others utilize scratching
But it’s still all music stop judging and listen
Some of the joints you don’t like were the best songs ever written
No genre that was conjured has accomplished what rap has
Filled with brilliant poets who you thought just rap fast
And that’s sad, only heard when using curse words
Racial slurs and calling women out of their name
And they claim that our graffiti isn’t real art
Like they rule the art world please tell me when did this start
See art is opinion only techniques have guidelines
Smarter than what yall think and I haven’t even reached my prime
Don’t try to diss breaking see I find that quite funny
I peeped yall in time square giving breakers yall money
‘Cause you know you love it from our clothes to our lingo
That’s why most trends start with us blacks and latinos
Don’t take that as a diss ‘cause I’m telling you that it’s not
All kinds of people have contributed to hip-hop
Making my culture more beautiful than it’s ever been
Hip-hop heads worldwide from Japanese to Mexican
Taking me places I’ve never been, peace to the veterans
Swear on my life it will never end


BRIDGE [Steph]
Whether I rock mics in the spotlight
Or remain underground
Hip-hop will still be my favorite thing
As long as the earth’s still round
Track Name: 4DozDatDonKno
You can rot in hell Hip-hop’s alive and well
At least that’s the word that I’ve heard from over thousands of my clientele
I excel very far beyond just rhyming well
Labels no I don’t wear a sign saying I’m for sale
Devils aren’t built for this watch the God fire hell
A path of bodies leading to my thrown for those that tried and failed
You’re softer than Cottonelle belong in a garbage pale
Throwing stones at French women’s the only way you’ll rock the bells
You ain’t good at nothing else so you gotta sale
But you ain’t good at this either far as I can tell
Give it up like prom night I bomb mics
Still stay cooler than Snoop in Antarctica eating Klondike
On any given calm night I will reek havoc
And make your top 5 MC’s look like weak rappers
10 year vets sounding like they need practice
Take’em to school and you know I really teach classes

And I’ll show you why everything I touch is critically acclaim
Feeble spitter reconsider before dissing me again
I stay mentally advance though we’re physically the same
So a battle’s pointless not to mention literally insane
When it came to moving units I sold a fraction of most
But on the great paper chase you know who captured the most (Me)
Mostly because I paid attention in math class
And I won’t let a record label pimp my black ass
Scratch that I mean it’s down right embarrassing
Quality music now a days is a rarity
That’s all I want to make until the day they bury me
Rather be a great artist than a celebrity
Sounds weird but good like PB and celery
Am I less real because I never got a felony
My goal isn’t to rest in the hills of Beverly
But make these hell like hoods a little more heavenly

Yeah I’m known to get it live and still work a 9 to 5
But you never take a job that don’t benefit your company
Pimp those bastards till their asses had enough of me
Laughing in their faces while they’re thinking that they’re fucking me
Luckily it’s temporary because I’m a visionary
Getting paid for using slang you can’t find in the dictionary
Bama asses take that to your grammar classes
Spitting diction that you couldn’t envision with MC Hammers glasses
Meanwhile this jam surpasses any and all preconceptions
And you thought it wouldn’t happen like Bush’s re-elections
Genius 4 more years of him and the penis
Won’t break the focus of most of the cats that I’m teamed with
So in this selfish game we remain self-contained
Rest of yall getting shaft bet’cha ass in hella pain
Get a brain pathetic lame I’m something you’ll never tame
Substantial’s the effin name and it’s time to let reign forever!
Track Name: It's You (I Think)/Go-Wait (Interlude)
Not much of a thug, first to admit I’m a sucker for love
My life is living proof that love is a drug
A teenage love… It happened over summer vacation
She used to call me Slim, she was something amazing
But I was two years younger in age then
Yeah, she wasn’t that old true
But I lied like most dudes
And leave it to your sis to come out and expose you
But she didn’t mind… ‘cus I was deep in her mind and heart
Likewise, sex I’m eagerly tryna start!
Tight thighs I was fiending to pry and part
Now she’s crying “Stop”, ‘cus she’s a former rape vic’
Said I could have her but I had to get her pregnant
Though I wanted sweetie badly
I wasn’t ready to be a daddy in a long distance relationship
So now I reminisce of Stevie Wonder’s
Song called I Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer

Damn… Damn….. Damn!! I know it’s you
That’s how I felt in the beginning love
Guess I was wrong, ‘cus look at how we ended up

Damn!! I know it’s you!
But maybe that’s how love go?
Tell me if I’m wrong baby I don’t know

(It’s like) we… Love to live and live to love
Oh how… tough it is to give it up
When there’s… enough to get, can’t get enough
And when it gets rough, you ask yourself, “Is this love?”

I got my swagger back (hey!) After a long stretch
And mustered up the courage to step to this songstress
Beautiful youngin I had met in the chorus
And we connected while we were on the tour bus
Yo, she taught me ‘bout trust and religion
Next thing you know, love started flooding my vision
I know it sound flaky, but I cherished her greatly
When life tried to break me, her whole family embraced me
And I had been to more funerals than graduations
A bit unusual, but far from an exageration
But death was something that was still new to her
I had no idea what it would do to her (Nope)
The losses that she suffered, forever changed how we interacted
Seems like our magic had flipped and turned tragic
So, “End it while we’re still friends” is what I suggested
And she replied “I was hoping that you would get the message”



I moved on from songstress to cheerleader
Older, wiser, and my gears cleaner
Cuts my baby locks now her family speaks to me
Got closer though we didn’t hang out frequently
Stole my heart like she mastered thievery
Words can’t describe what this girl means to me
Or meant to me, it feels like centuries ago
Of course yo we broke up, eventually, you know
Easy come… hey you know how the cliché ends
I even told her that we’d be friends, think again
I know I hurt this aspiring actress
Probably uses my pics for firing practice
Then outta spite, she fucked the man that I’m closest to
At that very moment, I was officially over you
Damn heart, just do what you s’posed to do!
Guess I was wrong when I said that I know it’s you

Track Name: Spaticus (Spit 4 Spat)
Your hock-loogie do not move me
Gangster rapper got rich got boushie
Me, known to burn more rappers than hot groupies
And I leave the toughest motherfucker stomp gooey
Spitacular! The wrong MC to spit after ya
Change your stage name to when did he rock
Not the stage manager but they’re giving me props
And your wife’s code name for me is isn’t he hot
Not surprised there’s mad dummies on the idiot box
Only dude from the hood with a buzz who didn’t get shot
Give me the rock Saint Nick Van Exel shoot gift
The more I hear the wacker you get
With Sean’s pen I’m dumb nicer than I am Sam
Overseas looking for fly shit to buy my fam
Slain by my hand if you continue to rhyme pink
A card carrying member of Fuck You Die Inc.

We can go tit for tat or go spit for spat
Once I get the track you know it’s a wrap
I won’t give it back my flows mix and match
I’m so sick with that don’t you agree?!?!

Heaven help me I’m hella nasty
It’s like breathalyzers verses alkies you’ll never pass me
When the beat is sick though I spit in my sleep
Like Beatrix Kiddo believe he’s this dope
Flames and fire that may retire
Your decoy and destroy the lames you hired
No hope 4 real you ain’t got Jack shit
Like you stole from Jill I pull cards
You know the deal so fresh so clean
Like Kosher meals or spokes on villes
And I’m known to kill grim reap on them beats
Cereal spitter in stereo killer been iller
Record at your local hospital
1st MC that’s sponsored by Scott Tissue
The shit I am thoughts travel faster than Shinkansen
Freestyle’s decent but I’m great with pens


Stantastic credits read Substantial
Those who oppose are clearly insufficient
My foes flows aren’t nearly as consistent
Repel frail shit I’m clearly wack resistant
Should’ve left that there in the old rap vault
I palm scalps now hold that thought
Now you’re in store for assault
Told you I rhyme better so who’s at fault
Sign at the door reads if you value your life
Don’t be a jackass and try to battle tonight
Bite my rhymes bite the curb
Anything other than “Substantial’s nice” is fighting words
I’m quite disturbed by your presence alone
Must be on the same drugs that the presidents on
Plus I’ve seen you walking ‘round with the jaws of life
She be swallowing the future and you call her wife!

Track Name: A P.G. Boy
Born and raised in P.G.C. where being me was easily
The hardest thing I had to do. Knuckles stayed black and blue
And if your gear wasn’t in style knuckas they would laugh at you
Booking dames with game but if you’re lame youngins’ is smacking you
(Down there) I’ve seen it all from robbery to murder
And all my dogs be using slang you probably never heard of
Bush is slang for bullshit, the irony
That it shares it name with the same suckers that lie to me
Beat is on some O.G. shit the perfect grove to ride with me
P.G. vs. D.C. was like constant sibling rivalry
We’re all family through the positive and negative
These wars in our streets repetively take our relatives see…
P.G. at it’s worse can eat alive a family
I’m lucky just to share this verse surviving the insanity
These eyes have seen some things that most people could never stand to see
That killed a little boy and brought alive the man in me

This is for Landover, Cheverly, Forestville, Suitland
C.H., D.H., whatever hood you in
Hyattsville, Mitchellville, New Carrolton, Largo
And everywhere else in between youngin’ yall know
From the average Joe or folks that’s rapping and sing
To the local Go-Go bands and bamas clapping them things
Before my ass moved to the County of Kings
I was a Prince George’s Boy just doing my thing

I’m from the home of cats like Sugar Ray Leonard and Martin Lawrence
Where I first picked up a microphone ready to rip opponents
Where fools be ditching school for a truckload of wings and mambo
And movies like menace had the whole hood thinking they’re gun-ho
Some know, but don’t have a clue how we do.
Rappers borrowing our slang and try to use it like it’s new
But we’ve been calling bamas young since the days of old
When you didn’t get shot maybe your face got stole
If you’re never on the map then you’re forever in my heart
Regardless where I end up at P.G.’s where I got my start.
Where every hood I lived didn’t respect me until I fought
And a bad one’s what they caught if “He’s pussy” is what they thought
Same youngin’ that did karate and stayed drawing and rapping
Rather go to your body than get involved with some clapping
Never thought I was Gangsta but I’m real without a doubt.
Dudes be joning on your mama ‘til you steal them in the mouth

This is for Marlow Heights, Bladensburg, Laurel
O.H., T.H., wherever you call home
Upper Marlboro, Greenbelt, College Park, Lanham
And everywhere else in between youngin’ stand up
From the average Joe or folks that’s rapping and sing
To the local Go-Go bands and bamas clapping them things
Before my ass moved to the County of Kings
I was a Prince George’s Boy just doing my thing
They use to tell me “Stan dog you gotta spit that realness”
Long before other brothers did it for a deal shit
But I never killed shit at all maybe steal from a mall
Getting draws from a youngin’ that I chilled with
Battle rhyming wasn’t popping in my hood like that
They didn’t hate though ‘cause little youngin’ could write raps
Got serious with while living on Brightseat Road
I became known for choosing unlikely goals
But we gotta make the most of these lives we chose
All the shit I saw in MD help me write these flows
Not as wild as I use to be wifey knows
Young, dumb and full of cum could barely wipe my nose
Seen them all from righteous queens to trifling hoes
Fronted on ya boy Stan ‘cause they ain’t like his clothes
Was a nice guy so why come they spite me fo’
Oh yeah didn’t have that hundred dollar Nike doe
Acting boushie ‘cause their fam moved from South East to Bowie
Or Landover to Fort Wash. our rents less than their door knob
Even broke with no job they watched this youngin’ go hard
Wherever I rest I’m holding down home like Coast Guards

This is for Seabrook, Bowie, Greenbelt, Morningside
Ft. Wash, Langley Park any where you reside
Clinton, Adelphi, Brandywine, Brentwood
P.G.’s in the muthafuckin’ building don’t it feel good
From the average Joe, folks, that’s rapping or sing
To the local Go-Go bands and bamas clapping them things
Before my ass moved to the County of Kings
I was a Prince George’s just doing my thing
Track Name: The Wake Up Call/Another Day On The Plantation (Interlude)

Mr. Robinson this is your wake up call
Better get it together don’t take to long
Get up! And get on your job!
Gotta gotta gotta make it though I know it’s been hard

Yeah you work hard and I see you working overtime
You’re a star but you don’t shine like you suppose to shine
That’s one of the many things that’s been on my mine
Not enough people know that you’ve been on your grind
And regardless of the fronting you ain’t working hard for nothing
Think it’s time you did something for your time pass
It’s time to take some action and finally make it happen
And have all the people asking to rewind that
‘Cause after reviewing all of the facts
It appears your own choices are what holding you back.
Yo I wanna see you make it dog really I do
But it’s like some of the songs you write are really ‘bout you
Yeah you’ve got what you want but haven’t got what you needed
I can’t even front I can hear your heart bleeding
And they… still manage to front on your ass
It’s enough to make you pick up something and blast
And say to hell with it but you didn’t you dealt with it
You need to be commended for your ongoing commitment
To overcoming the odds it isn’t easy to do
In fact we know it’s been hard but by believing in you
You’ve accomplished more things than most of your peers
And became a bit content with it over the years
Your destiny is bigger than this.
Who knows you better than me it gets no realer than this ya know.


Gotta gotta gotta get it together and make it happen
Gotta gotta gotta get it together and make it
Gotta gotta gotta get it together and make it happen
Gotta gotta gotta get it together and make it
Gotta gotta gotta get it together and make it happen
Gotta gotta gotta get it together and make it
Gotta gotta gotta get it together and make it happen
Gotta gotta gotta get it together and make it


I’ll support you when nobody does
I was even with you when didn’t know who I was
Sometimes I wish you didn’t love so hard
And I wish you had the balls to scream fuck your job
Thank God that you don’t lust for cars
Now if I could only get you to trust your heart
A little bit more and be sure you go with your gut
Your literature is pure and your flow has been nuts
So stop letting other people tell you how to rhyme
‘Cause for one they can’t tell the sun how to shine
And for two none of these dudes is hardly signed
Tell’em thanks but no thanks dog I’ll be fine (PEACE)
I really wish you saw your family more
You need each other what you think they call them family for dog?
Take better care of yourself
‘Cause lack of sleep can really put wear and tear on your health
Shit but I can’t talk this is a wake up call right
But that doesn’t mean you need to stay up all night
But easier said than done we never said its fun
We need the bread to come ain’t easy to get it sun
So you compete with a drive that’s frightening
And make music to leave minds enlightened
And I love you for how hard you’ve worked
But there is more to be done so give it all you’re worth.


Black man get on your job!
Track Name: Labor Pains
Tired of nine to fives in my case two to tens
Refuse to choose methods that others use to win
If my talent ain’t involved. Working got my head hurting
To the point you couldn’t fix it with a quart of Tylenol
No stranger to labor. On the whole, it’s pointless
If in the end I haven’t been working toward my goals
So I stay hunting for green like Lex Luthor
So I can dead any beef I might have in the future with my super
Man rent’s due! We’re on our last roll of toilet tissue
Plus queen and I be having issues when doe’s tight
Suddenly I’m less concerned with getting my flow right
Restless barely caught a wink through the whole night
Running on fumes could blackout in an instant
On “E” with barely enough to finish this very sent…
Tense muscles! Sometime I wonder
Did blacks invent struggle ‘cause we know it well
Rich in many things but I’m still broke as hell
And what’s red and black without some greenbacks
A fund less revolution is money the solution
More money more problem more bills less truth
More lies less you mobilize lets move
And get that cheese for cats get me
But I’m clever as Jerry so never you worry
I’ll provide for fam long after I’m buried

3 Months past benefits kick in
6 months past and I feel like quitting
Promotion after 9 a whole new beginning
Made insane by these labor pains

It’s like morning sickness when I wake up for work filled with ill will
Wanting to murder my boss like Kill Bill
The real feel what I’m saying ‘cause it’s realer talk
Wishing I was still a little kid watching Silver Hawks
Now that’s a distant memory now my days are spent
At the bar during happy hour sipping hennesy
Like it’s a remedy for these growing pains
So insane but I hope for change
Like homeless pan-handlers yall’d rather ignore me
‘Cause hearing this song is like listening to your story
It would be nice to retire at forty
But my mom hasn’t and she’s over age sixty
Probably do better if she wasn’t plagued with me
But they say babies are a gift from God
But they feel like a burden when shit gets hard
Over due utilities I’m knowing you is feeling me
These hard times are meant to be something you learn from
So hard work essentially is something you should earn from
Money don’t grow on trees but it leaves
And even harder to get for underground MC’s
It’s enough to make you hate breathing
Working two or three jobs just to break even
Labor pains is the reason why I ain’t sleeping
Fuck sloppy seconds! Why can’t my people eat like they eating
Even when we ain’t eating we always cooking
Like Ope be telling me I’m hoping felonies
Ain’t in my forecast because lack of my own
Got me looking at your cash but I earn my shit
And try to save something never burn my shit
So we can cop homes a Brooklyn brownstone
And maybe I’ll own land back in MD
For whenever we need to escape the big city
So let’s get busy and start our business
We’ll succeed if our hearts are in it
I’ll work for me and not for another
To provide jobs for all of our brothers and queens ya’nahmeen

Track Name: QT (Quality Time)
My fault or is it yours, hardly kick it any more
Yo I’d love to do it all with you (But I can’t)
The grind was designed with no kind of time
To recline with some fine as you (So we rant)
And rave instead of pant and bathe
Like romance is played (I know that can’t be true)
I’d rather love and please touch and tease
Hug and squeeze (Or just dance with you)
Use to phone bone ‘til we’re home alone
Where we moan and groan (Like lovers do)
But the mood gets worse, you’re confused and hurt
You think the music’s 1st (And you’re #2)
I’m trying to show you different, I hope you listen
If you don’t I’m fittin to be (Out of my mind)
Let’s get out of dodge, get us a lodge
Can I get a massage (And some quality time)

Girl hear me when I am speaking so we can hook up a meeting
At whatever spot you frequent or we can just spend a weekend
Of sneaking and creeping, no sleeping, keeping the furniture squeaking
Here to learn what you’re teaching in other words all I’m needing is…
You to hear me what I’m speaking so we can hook up a meeting
At whatever spot you frequent or we can just spend a weekend
Of sneaking and creeping, no sleeping, keeping the furniture squeaking
Hear to learn what you’re teaching in other words all I’m needing is QT!

We gon’ work it out
Baby we gon’ work it out (I know we will)
We… we work it out
Baby we gon’ work it out (You know the deal)

How does poetry sound? We can go to a lounge
Girl I’m hoping you’re down (Oh you are that’s dope!)
Got real jig ‘fore we left the crib
I bet its brick (Let me get my coat)
‘Cause if it is that’s just another reason to get real close
And stay warm. Or dead that and stay home.
Sometimes doing nothing at all is something special
Or I can just swing to your job and come and get you
Take you on a date and do something unexpected
‘Cause time in relationship terms is an investment
So let’s not waste it. Yes I’m anxious
‘Cause none at all can test out patience


Sometimes these words I can’t (Get’em out)
I know you’re someone I can’t (Live without)
Let me get to the point and stop dancing around
Seems the little things we can’t (Figure out)
Then why waste time on such nonsense
Letting it linger in our subconscious
Drowning in BS ‘til we get noxious
Is it such a task for us to be honest (With each other?)
Baby give me your all not a piece of you
What you got to hide, you in deep cover?
Wouldn’t you rather be in bed covers deep?
Sharing one another’s heat while we’re under sheets
But are you cool with that tough?
Or we can keep it moving mad slow at no…
Cost at all. I know the arguments are off the wall
We’re back walking tall once it’s all resolved


Track Name: Sign Language ft. Extended Famm
First we got Kevin, thirsty, hot and sweating in the kitchen with no shirt
Computer shutdown before he got to save his homework
Now he’s really heated, blood boiling heart racing
Looks around “Where’s Traci?” I told her not to use the A/C
She must’ve caused a power outage, screams out the window to his sister
In the knick of time, a speeding care barely missed her
Black Lex screeching to a halt in the intersection
Collided with the ambulance going down the street in the wrong direction
Driver jumps out of his car, left the engine running
High tails it up the block, screaming at the top of his lungs,
“Don’t Worry, Momma! I’m Coming!”
Crowd starts to gather, cops make it to the scene
Paramedics in the ambulance trying to save a patient
But it doesn’t look like the driver’s even gonna make it
He’s hemorrhaging from the neck, nothing they can do to stop it
Then a shot fires from the crowd. “Get your hand outta my pocket!”

Mind open, eyes wide
Try and focus follow the signs
Mind open, eyes wide
Try and focus follow the signs
‘Cause you never know if today is the day
Better be sure that you mean what you say
And keep your mind open eyes wide
Gotta focus follow the signs (Come On)

V2 [Tonedeff]
“I don’t wanna die like this”, he keeps thinking
Repeatedly, blinking, as his eyes are stinging from the bleeding
People screaming on the scene, he breathes the steam in
He believes he’s dreaming, even he sees Freeman, his team leader, he covered for this evening
He pulled the favor, but never asked for a reason,
Gasping and wheezing, too late to scream at dispatch with his grievance
He’s trapped with the wheel in abdomen, feeling is passing…it leaves him
Deceased in flash, and the screams come
Accidents happen, man, the summer’s a hazardous season
The camera pans to man with a clean gun
And it gleams sun, when he moves to reach up, to squeeze slugs right into the chest of a typical street thug
He screams police, and people freeze up
Now introducing Dee, he ducks and the cop thinks that he sees something,
And he bucks, and now the brother needs to be cleaned up
And now we cut to a girl with D-cups,
Holding a pair of green chucks, and a tee covered in Dee’s blood, who really seems crushed
Now, she weeps but seems touched
In an weird way, like crying on the outside but inside she’s thanking Jesus
She leaves us, as she’s being hugged,
By a man resembling the cat the paramedic thought he might have ID’d or dreamed of
As the camera swings up, we see Kevin, and he’s rushed
To make it to class, He thinks “And of all days to be stuck”
He busted his ass, for three weeks on his thesis to impress Professor Greenlove
Who doubts that he’ll pass, teetering on a D+ plus
He got be up at the School of Electrical Engineering at 3 cause
If he don’t, well, then he’s fucked, with loans and no degrees to speak of
We pan back to the rear of the ambulance, the second medic administers treatment
On a old woman, who’s spleen’s ruptured from deep cuts
She’s really in need of, a heart surgeon, Well, yeah this part’s disturbing
Cause the medic dips and leaves the lady with debris stuck.
In her veins, Gee shucks, that’s deranged, Kevorkian steeze
And according to me, there’s more to this here than it reads cause.


Seemed like one of those days when nothing was clear
Plus the temp’s 10 degrees above a hundred out here
(Flashback) phone rings Traci rushes to pick it up
Worried look on her face. Arm hairs sticking up
“Don’t tell me on the phone” “OK well meet me downstairs
in 5. I called out and I’m already ‘round here.”
Surprised Traci was, she felt a chill in the air
Got her mental prepared for the shit she would hear
And then darkness… I ain’t talking ‘bout Charlie Murphy
But every single light in the community wasn’t working
Elsewhere Professor Greenlove can’t contact his mama
‘Cause little did he know she had her own batch of drama
Felt ill called 911 before she was a goner
Cut herself while collapsing she ain’t made out of armor see
Dee left the pharmacy he has no honor
Now mama Greenlove can’t get the meds prescribed by her doctor
(Meanwhile) Professor’s driving and he’s not seeing proper
It was too dark to find his glasses in his freaking locker
Yall know that that’s a hazard right blazing thru the traffic light
That wasn’t on at a glance he crashed into an ambulance
Same one his mama’s in when does the drama end
Fore’ that Freeman told Traci she’s carrying apart of him
Dee’s watching them hug and read a sheet while his head twirl
He dipped out of the pharmacy to win back his ex-girl
Eternally stressed heard them mention a paternity test
Then he rushed Free. A cop came to come see
What the ruckus was about Dee reached for Free’s pocket
While reaching in his own for what might have been a wallet
Then they heard a gun buss aloud now Dee’s no mo
He used to beat on Traci. Kevin told her he was loco
So she broke up with the mofo and gave her freedom to Freeman
‘Cause Dee was a prisoner of his own inner demons
(Nearby) Professor flees his Lex to find his mom
But can’t find her, for the medic served as a reminder
How her mama tortured her like this woman treated her son
Felt obligated to rid the world of this person
All the while Kevin’s crying over spilled milk
3 bodies on his block he’s lucky he didn’t get killed
Couldn’t get through to the school so he stayed his ass home
When he finally did he heard the date had been postponed
So he took it as a sign wisely utilized his time
passed with flying colors now the brother’s doing fine
Days later he stopped by the power plant to find
There’s an opening Greenlove was forced to resign
Facing criminal charges while Kevin’s working for me
And the fella’s doing well and I trained him personally
Oh and by the way I’m way put the power on
Pay attention to the signs and see what’s going on.

Track Name: Hood Hope ft. Steph & rnb/Sacrifice ft. DJ Kool Herc)

Verse 1
I’ve seen many things over the years even shared many
Dreams with fam, friends and peers and it seems that
Life is hardly ever fair making clean living
Nearly impossible and rare. When I was younger
And that hunger for more came to the door
Knocks sounding like shots wasn’t sure what it fucked with me for
Now I know it was the push I needed
I wish everybody from my hood received it
I gotta be their light that shines minus the strife and crime
And keep our struggle in mind when I write these rhymes
‘Cause them dudes in my hood didn’t back me for nothing
For me to move to Brooklyn just to catch me there fronting
I’m gonna represent until they bury me in Harmony
Cemetery where I will lay to rest with my pop and niece
Properly! So when I’m gone a good quote
To describe what I represented is hood hope

HOOK [Steph & rnb]
I give hope to
Folks just like you
And yours so watch me
Nothing can stop me

Pardon the way I come at yall but my boy once said
That if it wasn’t for the devil wouldn’t have no fun at all
I knew I had to stall so I could see what I was facing
And now this older man can overstand his situation
Forced to work with nothing so I’m naturally creative
And joe I’m not surprised when they’re mad to see I’ve made it
But what do you expect I was forced to adapt
And not every single one of us is caught in the trap
Like me… I chose to keep my hustle unique
Getting money for my art wasn’t nothing to me
In case you’re wondering what’s that have to do with this song
Basically I made a living out of proving them wrong
They said I wouldn’t be shit now they’re hearing me spit
Pops said I couldn’t draw but he wasn’t right at all was he?
Look what I’ve done with the little I’ve worked with
Far from perfect but the struggle was all worth it


We fighting AIDS, liquor stores, crack addicted whores
Absentee fathers, nicotine, bottles
Of Hennessey, self hate and racism
Crack cocaine and all sorts of laced izm
Poverty even crooked ass police
A shady government and did I mention no peace
Illiteracy, war, gentrification
And on top that constant humiliation
Just to name a few but you can’t buckle or crumble
Though it’s hella difficult overcoming our struggles
But I’m living proof that it can be done
And I’m still battling until victory’s won I’m as real
As you and your issues are no different from mine
Except I’ve found a forum where folks can listen to mine
So when I’m spitting these rhymes motivate is what I try to do
‘Til the day I rest I do my best to inspire you


Nothing can stop me
Nothing can stop me
Nothing can stop me
Nothing can stop me

Nothing can stop me now


Give It Up, Let it Go
Keep it Moving, Move On

I need a shower haven’t slept in 30 hours
And before I hit save my computer losses power
But I’ll do it over just to get a step closer
To my dreams and get this boulder size chip off my shoulders
I’m getting older trying to make it for my time pass
Wishing I could stick a cork in that hour glass
Jeopardizing my health to make my dollars stack
Silently fronting while I’m wishing they would holla back
I’m saying all of that better yet all of this
Because you don’t make these kind of sacrifices just to quit
So I welcome pressure like I can’t get enough of it
Grit on all my doubters then I tell them all to suck a Dick
Cheaney… now we’ve moved to the Bush
Commutes a little farther but there’s music to push
Life’s a little harder but you use it or shush
No time for excuses, cause this dude isn’t pus!
A survivor, dodged 2 shots one point blank
Basically I’m everything that you toy’s ain’t
A man does everything that a boy can’t
That’s the way it’s been since the tender age of 10
When I took my pop’s seat at the head of the table
Still sitting there just as head of my label
Stayed strong for others when I barely was stable
Found my true self getting buried in fables
I sacrificed being hard for peace
Though I know they both are apart of me
That’s what I tell the seeds when they talk to me
Get my point across like crucifixes and archery
Too long I’ve been selfless time to be selfish
Collect my respect for the dues I’ve paid
And revaluate all the moves I’ve made
Questioning what’s inside like its Tupac grave


Nothing in this life come easy ‘cept God given talent
So when these hard times got a brother feeling violent
I think about the sacrifices made
That help me reach the point where I’m standing at today



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