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The Past​.​.​. [Explicit]

by Substantial & The Other Guys

HOOK Follow the Master (4x) If you don’t move the crowd and ain’t a master of the ceremony Or a microphone controller you are not an emcee So don’t ever disrespect the homie, World class title holder born and raised in MD Known to get the party poppin quicker Then stripper with vodka in her so they gonna clap for me But I ain’t talkin’ booty cheeks slick with the dudy speak, shit talk mastery ...I’m Mugen with a blue pen Samurai Champloo be damned if I can lose If I did, I put 2 L’s together and make a W Dumb of you, comparing Substantial to a substitute All I do is win but it’s clearly ain’t your thing Then again you’re more T-Pain then painting I’m art personified, all heart magnified By ‘bout a 105, no doubt… come alive HOOK Fuck off the stage bum You ain’t doin shit no need to tell’em to save some Crowd look well rested, had time to get adjusted Copped food and drinks and had time to digest it I’ma make’em feel like they were part of my live show No voice, clothes moist it’s hotter than Cairo Watch me blow the spot when I drop my payload I got’em going wild, it ain’t raining no pesos They do what I say so ‘cause my presence demands it A veteran standard, man what’s better than Stan shit I will sever they hand if they extend it to grab this Shit on everything like I’ve never been pampered Son’em like Frederick Sandford, been a G, But I don’t sale trash just so I can make a living, B I’m art personified, all heart magnified By ‘bout a 105, no doubt… come alive HOOK I be ripping up the stage like I’m tearing up floor boards You don’t keep’em engage they just lay on the floor bored I have’em in a craze they gon’ leave with their core sore Body crowds for days like a terrorist warlord Light up the scoreboard, go hard as mug… I’m a titan I throw swords, throat armed with a scud If you mic’em he’s so raw but doper when unplugged A sight sicker than cold sores, go for a dub If you pay at the door, unless you pay in advance This ain’t your regular show that’s right you even can dance No need to hold up the wall, it got plenty of beams You can throw up your arms and if you’re feeling it scream 2 turntables and a mic that’s what I call riot gear Turn all the way up! It’s about to get live in here I’m art personified, all heart magnified By ‘bout a 105, no doubt… come alive HOOK
HOOK Back stateside on MLK riding Low in the whip look like no one’s driving (Repeat 3x) (Substantial) Whether 395 or 704 Dream big baby stay steady on course VERSE 1 (See King) I grace these peasants with my presence King Martin Luther, The streets with his namesakes the perfect place to find a shooter A civil rights mover turning left up in a Cougar, Watching the revolution on TVs took by a looter On fire like H Street, tongue twerks on a break beat, History maker tell spectator to take seat Enjoy the experience of this social experiment, Send shots at Cyclops; close the eye on the pyramid I’m too dope it’s no legalizing this lyricist, Father MC and your baby mother’s the surrogate Hip Hop’s in my heritage, save it from the culture vultures and The poet poachers, still not a player though I’m dressing like the coaches Most of us fell victim, to well-placed pitfalls got my dawgs in the system The chocolate city now suffers from vitiligo, The dream died on that balcony pray it wakes up tomorrow HOOK VERSE 2 (Substantial) Mike King like the minister’s initial name Fighting imprisonment and those with wicked aims Who administer pain, but we navigate the baddest fate Like our ancestors did use our head to carry weight Many chose to move it so now they facing the music Misguided warriors can’t find their place amongst the movement So you know the guns stay shooting ‘cause the streets blind niggas don’t see their a budding Nobel Peace Prize Winner Tryna’ eat my dinner like what’s mine is yours… Really what’s mine is ours, need to combine our power Why shine for hours we can reflect eternally For y’all to take me seriously, they’d have to murder me No respect like the mascot in gold & burgundy But certainly spitters this ill belong in infirmaries Still dreaming temporary setbacks be deferring me But my Corretta know betta she ride for eternity HOOK VERSE 3 (See King) Lost my sight at the podium, blinded by diabetes A diet with too much sodium still writing this opium Claim country in crisis gain control of petroleum Dreamt big as a kid, grew to be a custodian Mass media frenzy, beamers Benzes and Bentleys Before we party'd with panthers but now the venue is empty Still penny pinching while the devil’s Willie lynching, Guess my brother was too poor to pay attention…Overstand! (Substantial) Baby soldiers taken over never be an older man Ain't playing with a full deck, no one there to hold their hand So they hold the steel like they wielding the wrath of God Hoping for a deal for their skill as a rapping God ….Hoping to give them chills with their catalog Or hoop dreaming ‘cause they got skills with a basketball But once they’re at the mall speaking to and for the people Will you follow like sheep do or take a stance against evil while we’re… HOOK
VERSE 1 (Substantial) BEEN repping Maryland worldwide nice of yall to show up Still listening to dumb shit, when you gon grow up Fam still asking me, “When you gon blow up” Fans like “when you drop some new shit, hold up” Home Sweet Home my biggest record to date Still don’t know where I’m from, I even stated the state (MD!) Apparently, people thought it was 3 of me 1 from Tokyo, Brooklyn and the DMV Same dude, champ just my grind’s 3 X dope Like EST, You would think these wrote With ESP because I knew what you would like Before there was a button on your app or your site Right! It’s cool we following the Tastemakers But the source always lies in the Creators Most high, MCs & the Beatmakers Shine now, they gon see later! HOOK (Substantial) (You late) Still don’t know the time Told’em check the resumé to know that I’m… Here to stay Get familiar With the catalogue And mi familia Cause we ain’t Done dog, hell nah still here Gimme mine cuz it’s long overdue (hell yeah!) We ain’t going no where, hell nah still here Gimme mine cuz it’s long overdue (hell yeah!) VERSE 2 (Von Pea) The beatmaker is here, from a tribe called tanya, Yawn, some of yall think I never made other songs… Its just weird… Kicked ass for the past couple years, Well...perception is a mofuck...... Its cool though still a lotug… Leader of the underground even on the el, A brother gotta rise, I hope it all gels, But I was told never pay attention to the hares, Tortoise em to death, earn pension and shares, And when you in an interview and they aint do the knowledge, Like asking who produce it, and what's up with il-eye-is?...who? LOL and keep smiling, Spellin Dons name wrong in all of the writings, All he had to do was get busy on the wiki, Now the arm stiff and the shoulder all nippy HOOK VERSE 3 (Substantial) If you hear somebody saying “Fuck You I Rhyme Better” I’m the co-writer, pay me royalty for good measure Simple rule of thumb, where ya dude is from We usually stunt, diddy bop while chewing gum Which reminds me, why they keep calling us Bob It’s Bop Alloy, someone please get’em a swab And I hear’em saying press it on wax But didn’t know that I press like 11 in fact. How many you got? Exactly! Couldn’t google shit before you asked me Or acquire basic rudiments before you tagged me Some only care who made the beat I was bless with Then they eff up their name like the shit ain’t in the credits Guessing they’re allergic to liner notes Post most of the lyrics they still murderize my quotes (Meanwhile) none of this shit’s beyond your scope Guess I should be happy that at least you find me dope. Thanks! HOOK
Go... go... go... gone! VERSE 1 In my rearview, fast living & fast women That I went thru like underwear & dirty linens I adhered to the ways of a playa, wanna pimping Breaking curfews and hearts, spilt’em like partitions I know… so cold… Taught to never love’em, yet we act like hoes See I chose... to grow... But if I stayed the same would more records be sold (hmmm) They love it when you don’t love’em & abuse’em Like when you fuck’em and dump’em its just amusement Sick to me you get more publicity when you’re coonin’ Yet question your authenticity when your judgement is prudent That’s that bullshit... I’m past that Just watch’em how they bend and run quicker than half backs Y’all would make your ass clap for a check from ASCAP ‘Til your ass capped, never me dog can have that! There is... HOOK No turning back today Never backwards, forward we go 3x Go... go... go... gone! VERSE 2 Onward, Upwards Why look back, my bags packed Thought I was nuts but when I try to dip... they on the sack I hush the fuss, watch my six, know the time My hats off to haters while staying on they mind My crime is trying to grow while stay true While they rather love those selling them short. Disgraceful They telling tall tales, them stories ain’t you Keep building like I own it, plenty walls to break through And I can’t stop they can’t hold me But people talk like they know me But they so weak they don’t know themselves Trying to confine me to their hell But um… I ain’t dumbing down to make you feel comfortable And I ain’t slowing down so you can catch up my dude You live for the lie you don’t really want the truth I don’t change for fear my dear, nor a buck two… or a G or 3 HOOK VERSE 3 My friend… is sadly long gone I wish… we could make some songs Or hit... the town and break bread For kicks… I’m here missing you instead Watching these clowns bite your style and use your image Meanwhile they barely gave you your props when you were living I doubt your family’s getting a check it got me livid Mispronounce your name then act like they knew what you intended This isn’t for the authentic it’s meant for the hypocritical Who diss the dude who spit for you in since the very beginning Though our bond fractured, was still sought after They want more classics, I want more laughter And I could hit them with unreleased material Since your so-called fans think my solo work is trivial Unless it’s me & you but where’s the honor in that When most of it was subpar or we thought it was wack Probably be overjoyed if I bought a few tracks You didn’t finished then distribute them all over the map That’s what they’re hoping but I’ll never fuck you over like that I’ll forever honor your memory but there’s no turning back HOOK
(Sample) I like this Perfect definition what a wife is Show me how exciting life is… Priceless! HOOK (Substantial) (I like this!) Stability, peace of mind, safety (Priceless) Food, clothes, shelter and a baby (Priceless) Laughter, fun and support (Priceless) Passion & romance galore (Priceless) VERSE 1 (Substantial) This ain't that one night stand, hit it quit it then I'm gone Poppin on a handstand, get it get It type of song It's that deep ish, rare... Heathcliff/Claire Not quite Apples and oranges but still a good pair Far from millionaires this here kingdom is modest Love your kinky hair and flair to seek knowledge So I wouldn't dare compare to be honest A breath of fresh air, my prayer's to breath Goddess Filled with your spirit, since I reeled in the digits Formed a guild with my dearest, what we feel is implicit It's real ain't no gimmicks, always build and till we finished So there still ain't no limits to what's fulfilled when we listen ...and I doubt this’ll end ever 'Cause InI ride or die thru our endeavors Whenever the weather is frightful Remember it’ll pass So don’t ever be spiteful That is all I ask Don’t let our progress be stifled By the pursuit cash And insignificant titles. It all fades. Do what you love with who you love most Worthy of respect and gets the utmost Some want a man for riches you got me for ambition And vision, smart enough to spot a powerful addition To my life, (You don’t need a ring to be my wife) But I put one on you anyhow, anything to see you smile HOOK VERSE 2 (Isaiah) Never ever had much one could measure and touch So together we must be the treasure I clutch If forever’s enough and it’s better than stuff I’ll spend it with you. Wouldn’t it be nice Why couldn’t it be life? Why shouldn’t be like A bumble to lotus. Clark to Lois. Bill & Ted to bogus. Excellent, so it’s Intelligent to show it. I plan on doin’. Your hand persuin’... a no brainer Like Dorothy’s Scarecrow. Support me ergo I support you and try to court you Like a defendant. Touch you with intent To leave you with imprints on your psyche. Unlikely, I know. It might be I show Too little affection. Here’s the exception In case you question, who’s in possession Of my devotion. You are I’m hopin’. So far you’re open to being mine. ‘Cause believin’, I’m… your’s feels right. Sure, we fight and war some nights Like swords and knights of the round table It would sound fatal to hear a breakin’ Imprisonin’ my vision and there’s no escapin’ Like you’re behind bars cause you’re behind ours! HOOK


The Past… is the first of three EPs leading up to the fourth studio album from prolific, Indie MC, Substantial. This time around the veteran wordsmith has partnered with HiPNOTT Records producer duo and fellow Maryland natives, The Other Guys for his latest release. Substantial’s musical past, pre-Hyde Out Productions, included many collaborations with Isaiah of TOG, which makes their project’s title quite fitting. The Past… features Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Substantial’s protegé, See King, cuts from DJ Jav and plenty of that soulful boom bap The Other Guys have been known to provide. Lyrically, Substantial is as sharp as ever and covers subjects such as the dying art of MCing, dreams limited by stereotypes, and the exploitation of his former producer, Nujabes.

Substantial’s full length album The Past Is Always Present In The Future drops fourth quarter 2015. Until then, enjoy this appetizer and look forward to more flavorful Hip Hop music to feed your soul.

This download includes a bonus 5 Track demo recorded by Substantial in 1999 with commentary by Substantial.

Bonus Tracklist:
1. Kalitwutchawon2 (Demo Version) [produced by Substantial]
2. Invisible Man [produced by Milio]
3. Visualizing The Unseen [produced by Milio / Co-produced by Spike Rebel]
4. FYIRB [produced by Substantial / Co-produced by Spike Rebel]
5. Hip Hop Heaven [produced by Substantial]


released March 17, 2015

Produced by The Other Guys


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.



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