A Break 2 Build On (feat. Intelligenz)

from by Substantial & Marcus D (Bop Alloy)



While recording this EP, there were so many things that happened that constantly tried to break the guys down. But similar to the music they make they build on breaks. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.


Gimme a break to build on
Blackout til it’s just ______. Still goin’
Thieves in the night and we might just steal dawn
To prolong the groove and mood from hereon

VERSE 1 (Substantial)
My bars is barbells, ring the alarm
The wait is over, pressing forward my team bout to charge
And we got all our Visas Hip-Hop hybrid
F*** anything pre us, follow our ish
Like it's written by Jesus, Holy Ghost Writer
Johnny Praise, the beat nuts, Marcus got fire
Call’em Pyro Les... American Psycho
Go dutch on a stage if the price is right though

VERSE 2 (Intelligenz)
Psycho, now rewind the cycle
Elevate the love and remember like Michael
Maestro, when I flow I might glow
Illuminate the moment while moving on to night shows
Fist up… with a team we might grow
Listen and lift up, we dream we might blow
Father walkin’ on water so maybe I might flow
Heaven over hell but they dwelling in nitro
12 years a slave, I’m paid Klein mics yo -
When the break comes around I’m just building a light hope

VERSE 3 (Substantial)
Tell me what do you fight for? Money and fame?
Freedom, power, respect or a household name?
Equal pay on your check or some more chump change
Tighter noose or gold chain? Both one in the same
I want neither. Freer thru speakers I find
All I got is my voice to compete with the times
I see with my brain while speaking my mind
Like Krang. Til these lames stop speaking for mine
I shine rockstead to the beat one time

VERSE 4 (Intelligenz)
Tryin’ to comprehend it. Tryin’ to understand it.
Black bold and beautiful, forever will defend it.
Star-banding universe, you and I, we diverse
And we emerge, we divert, we reverse
And see the worth, see the work, see the worse
Bridge over bloody water, uh, see the hurt!
It’s like we living in a different dimension
Prison images envision the sentence
Wordplay if your vision is in it, the never ending is written


VERSE 5 (Substantial)
Break loose. Break fool. Break rules
Breakbeats. Breakout. Breakthrough.
Break molds. Never let nothing break you!

VERSE 6 (Intelligenz)
Living in a shadow but waitin’ to break views
I break news, there ain’t an ego I can’t bruise
I can’t lose, understand the conscious I choose
Descendant of a legend, the dereliction of youth

VERSE 7 (Substantial)
Sub is like eating soul food with chopsticks
Half man, half amazing the top pick
Songs in the key of strife writer and locksmith
HiPNOTT’s the squad in case you not hip

VERSE 8 (Intelligenz)
Never new with the steam, never new with the means
I'm overdo & underheard, never new with the dream
& Yeah uh…
See I body the scene
And you can choose to snooze but I'll body your team
So please...


POEM (Substantial)
...an abyss of static
Dusty grooves
Unpolished sound, combustible energy
Broken down by indestructable entities
Once flesh
Now and forever fresh
Encapsulated in black gold
Birthed in the land of red, white and blue
Descendant of red, black and green
Love child of slaves, kings and queens
Building on breaks since time began
Built pyramids on broken soil in our land
Built empires with broken backs
Built our children up from broken homes
There isn’t a break we can’t build on


from Present EP [Explicit], released May 27, 2016


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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