Alone In The Rain ft. Stephanie Gayle & Mason Lieberman

from by Substantial



1, 2… 1, 2, 3, 4!

VERSE 1 (Substantial)
Whenever I work hard as hell
It feel like the more times I fail
People will flee until you succeed
So I just roll by myself
A lonely walk in the rain
Pain is clouding my brain
If I don’t figure it out, then there is no doubt
That I’ll go insane
Meditation is my medicine
For therapy I get a pen
And scribble away ‘til I get away
When wickness won’t let me win
The healing effect that writing has
Been keeping me on a righteous path
Defeating the beast, to keep me at peace
The days I felt my life was bad

Why do I (2x)
Feel like a slave?
I don’t know (2x)
If you’re feelin my pain.
I guess I’ve (2x)
Got to be brave
It’s so cold (2x)
Alone in the rain

VERSE 2 (Substantial)
Not an inch of you’s dry
‘Cause you’re soaked in your sorrow
There’s no reason to cry
There’s still hope for tomorrow (2x)
Hold on… as if my life depended on it
And it does
So I gotta fight, can never forfeit
Push comes to shove
I gotta rise, no longer dormant
Cover my mind as thoughts are sorted
Fighting to shine though clouds are forming


BRIDGE (Stephanie Gayle)
In mind the forcast is a cloudy one (so alone)
Hoping there’s a slight chance for a little sun (so alone)
Looking out my window waiting for a change (so alone)
Cause the past few days have been heavy rain
Though I know that stormy weather never last
The view from the inside has skewed my forecast so…
I have to find the day and chase the clouds away
Paint a view of hues instead of shades of grey

VERSE 3 (Substantial)
Strugglin daily
Reaching new heights, look around rarely
Maybe cuz I don’t want it to scare me
Failure’s easy, winning is scary
Oh you knew, why I ain’t tell me?
Wishin my poppa would’ve prepared me
Would’ve been great. Why do I carry
All of this weight. Can’t let it impare me. Nah!


OUTRO (Substantial)
Not an inch of you’s dry
‘Cause you’re soaked in your sorrow
There’s no reason to cry
There’s still hope for tomorrow


from Alone In The Rain [SINGLE], released December 21, 2018
(S.Robinson, M. Lieberman, S. Hilliard)
Produced by Substantial
Additional Vocals by Stephanie Gayle
Electric Guitar & Cello by Mason Lieberman
Rhodes by Definition


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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