Better To Give (feat. Precious Joubert)

from by Substantial & Marcus D (Bop Alloy)

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Though it may be better to give, don't expect a parade if choose to walk this path. This songs deals with the selflessness and doing what's right and needs to be done without the expectation of rewards or praise.


F all the nonsense that preceded
Be it from me or partners, please stop it and don’t repeat it
Never gave a f*** until a f*** is what I needed
Young dumb and conceited, til the day I conceded
It’s easy to be the selfish type until you get deleted
Many head back to that space ‘cause life’s lesson have gone unheeded
Like father like son I’m on my MJ I’m gon beat it
Won’t remain seated, stand for those who can’t and fill defeated
I know that you see it
You’re just too cold to get heated, you on some worry about me shit
And you got your reasons and I know why
Cause the real heroes don’t make C notes or get love ‘til they die
You can think of better s*** to with your time and I don’t blame you bruh

HOOK (Precious)
They say it's better to give...
No matter how righteous you live...
Treated like you’re worthless but still some how
Walk in your purpose strong and proud

They say it's better to give (Substantial: You better believe it)
No matter how righteous you live (Substantial: The n could see it)
Treated like you’re worthless but still some how
Walk in your purpose strong and proud

I can’t promise you Heaven or larger profits,
A villa out in St. Thomas or even offer you solace
Surely no goddess with a rack and booty that’s flawless
Maybe that... would motivate all us, while attracting droves of the thoughtless
Few are able, journey’s painful, why tell fables and lies
Even less are grateful but an angel will fly
Even though it seems the wind up under your wings ain’t in supply
Elevate or die can’t tell me the sky is not mine, Don’t try... I rise!
Are you a giver or receiver? Either…
Rapist or rapee, given a choice who would be either
But a victim of such hatred more than likely is in need of
An advocate to stand with them when no one will believe’em you see’em
If I would’ve cared as much about fame and fortune as giving back
It’s probably fair for all us to say I just might’ve had a plaque
Or maybe that there is bulls*** couldn’t be further from the facts
Bout I’m out here giving support where ever they lack, facts
Some of yall be hitting me up like you trying to help the cause
Then I hit you back and bamas won’t answer the call
And I ain’t mad, no no, but I hope you
Never know the pain they have, not at all


For those capable of more they say more is required
Never wanted much, blessed with more than I desired
Wanna make a difference or you rather make a profit
Or both? Remembered as a glutton or profit?!
Give it if you got it, if you got it, give again
Give it if you got it, if you got it, give again
I say give it if you got it, if you got it, give again
And again… and again.... and again.... and again!!!


from Present EP [Clean], released May 27, 2016
(M. Marino, S. Robinson)
Precious Joubert appears courtesy of Sound of the City ENT., LLC (BMI)


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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