J. Johnson I see you
(Fresh Daily)
I see you dogs.
Lets get into it

Verse 1
I’m an unleashed beast that ain’t had a feast in weeks
You’re the hunted and my hunger’s increased with beats
Better come with a cross or at least a priest
And I don’t address cowards you can speak to feet
Not the best but I’m nicer than I need to be
Stage show is something you pay a fee to see
Though it’s priceless sometimes I speak for free
If it pleases me the flow’s TNT (Boom!)
(Sound like Sasquatch feet thundering shaking the concrete)
While you’re trying to be better I’m better without trying
Instead of trying to kill it you’d be better off dying
You’re the fat kid in dodgeball, nobody will miss you
Competition? Please this punks hardly an issue
Go ‘head shoot the gift… I’m launching a missile
And dog it’s official it’s on target to hit you
My squadron will rip you. You talk hard with a pistol
I’ll take a sock full of nickels and leave you slaughtered and crippled
(Sound like Sasquatch feet thundering shaking the concrete)

Hook(Fresh Daily)
I’m a legend hear about me rarely see me but (watch out)
Care fill my shoes but wanna see me get (stomped out)
Man or the myth, Big Foot is the monster
Sasquatch my hand squashes your squadron
Hands up, man up, it’s about to be
A Goddamn catastrophe can’t amount to me

Come On
Repeat 2x

Verse 2
Idiots trying to put my shoes on
I’m harming you corns with a sharpened shoehorn
You’ve waited for the album and sure it’s been too long
(Turn it up) Let it rock in your Scion or Yukon
Get respect from Tokyo to Tuscan
The hood wouldn’t even cop your shit with a coupon
You’re ass out without the daisy dukes on
You’re trespassing no loitering move on
(Sound like Sasquatch feetthundering shaking the concrete)
Didn’t show up to start disrespecting people
I’ve only come to kill it like the sex is lethal
Dick Dastardly, spit massive heat
To this classic beat… and I know what you expected
But dead it after 3 on to the next rhyme scheme
It’s over dear. Bambi’s caught in the high beams
Messed around now you’re a stain on asphalt
For trying to stand off toe to toe with Sasquatch
Please! Yo you call that a live show?
The audience is dead, what your ass still alive for
Beat down the promoter then collect my doe
Never a problem if you book anyone I know
Boo-ed your style can’t move the crowd confused at how
They only scream (HO!!!) When they spot your girl
She gave my Mic a Jack son and rocked my world
Worked it out and I ain’t talking about squats and curls
(Sound like Sasquatch feet thundering shaking the concrete)

Hook (Fresh Daily)


from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), released June 20, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Von Johnson aka J. Johnson


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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