Children: 4!
Substantial: Uh… yeah
Children: 3!
Substantial: Ok, lets go yall
Children: 2!
Substantial: Count it down here we go, uh
Children: 1!
Substantial: Uh-huh!
It’s too easy (This, This, This isn’t challenging!)
It’s too easy I can do this all day because…
It’s too easy (This, This, This isn’t challenging!)
It’s too easy to me it’s mere child’s play
Repeat Hook

Verse 1
I wild out like recess. Slay rhymes at playtime
6, 7, 8, 9, won’t due I say dime lines
These perfect 10s murder men when I use vowels
You barely move bowels how you gonna move crowds
I move brows off of faces with these knuckle heroes
With raw beef for all peeps that want to come in here though
Because only burner you got is made by Panasonic
Everything is wrong with your song what made you bamas want it
Couldn’t have been worse might as well had had Hammer on it
But look at this handsome product and you’ll say goddamn he’s got it
Often my girl would say, “You think your rhymes are hot or something”
I’d say not for nothing but I know they is
I’m a pro at this sweetheart. Get open when the beat starts
Trying to get the mic from me is like trying to rape She-Hulk
Don’t be foolish school kids you don’t want that
Hate all you want your girl’s saying “Ooh pump that! That’s my song!”


Verse 2
Beating me won’t happen like Sharpton going natural
From perm to an afro. You get served in a battle
Observe how I baffle these turds when I dazzle
With words that’ll grapple get hurt for your babble
Alert the Big Apple! MD cats is coming through
Putting my state on the map’s a fraction of what I’m-a-do
I’m a real MC we got enough actors
Front with tough tactics get your stuff fractured
(Calm down little guy) You ain’t so tough bastard
So young so angry damn these thug rappers
(Damn!!!) But I got love for street cats
Till we confuse hard with ignorant acts
Then write ignorant raps. Me getting with that, is a no-no
The drug dealers be using hip-hop for free promo
(Oh no!!!) Another underground rappers hating
Difference is I’d probably rip the kid you thought was blazing
Amazing is an understatement I was born to do this
It’s a fact stepping to me’s a tad more than stupid
It’s like trick or treating in Jew communities as Hitler
Look in the mirror loser. Look at me winner!
Even you can understand that, it’s idiot proof
Spitters like you cripple the youth
I’m a chip off the old block, you about to catch a chip in your tooth
Deaf people wouldn’t want hearing if they had to listen to you!



from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), track released June 21, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Milco


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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