(Master you are fresh)
Thank you minion

Dr. Thinkenriem’s the name
Slaughtered Webster and redefined the game
with the most sublime of brains I’m a genius’ genius
I’ll show things that you’ve only seen on your Zenith
So stop looking at me like I don’t speak English
And upgrade you IQ (Well explain) I’ll try to
See what I’m working on is a flawless M.C
The rawest M.C. you all can envy
And all this simply because most lack something
No longer will I sit on my backside and do nothing
So let’s get in on like Judge Mills Lane
And first thing we’ll need is Chuck D’s brain
(Why) for 2 reasons Fear of a Black Planet
And it takes a nation of millions goddamn it
(But what about the body?) It’s far from essential
Because of modern technology it can be artificial
And though it sounds sadder than someone dying a virgin
I’ve already hired Lil’ Kim’s plastic surgeon
Now moving right along to the vocal chords
(Who’s voice you gonna use?) Well of course the lords!
As in Lord have Mercy keep rappers screaming
Open his mouth up and it sounds like god speaking
I’m creating the coming better save yourself
(You’re trying to play God?) Please I can’t play myself!
So let’s see where was I oh yes F-L-O
to the W for that we’ll need pharaoh
Monch and Eminem two marksman with wordplay
who are gifted like Christmas and it’s also they’re birthday
For creativity use the Last Emperor
He’ll be unoriginal when New Mexico has a black Senator
And that’s of high importance so he’s never lack luster
And next we’ll inject him with the energy of Busta
Rhymes got some gauzes check
This is my experiment so fuck what yall expect
but I believe he could use a bit more energy
So I’ll hit him with a dose of some M.O.P.
And Supernatural for freestyle ability
LL and KRS 1 for longevity
But he could never be complete without soul
It’s the very thing that makes us feel whole
So after I completed this diagnosis
I filled him with soul of the mighty Mos Def
Because he love what he does and he’s quite lyrical
And he doesn’t just write rhymes he writes spirituals
Speaking of lyrics last but not least
We need lyrics to complete this Hip hop masterpiece
And my experiment nears completion at last
For lyrics will need Common Sence and Ras Kass
Because these 2 cats are some of the best that done it
keep the rest running and shook as if death’s coming
(What about Rakim you gotta use him for something?)
I’m quite aware of that they don’t call him the god for nothing
We’ll use him for presence see how can I say this
To share a cipher with him is to stand near greatness
I’ve finally completed a supreme M.C.
My dream M.C. to team with me
And put an end to wackness without leniency
revolutionize sound revolution is now
So rise come on rise damn it
Open your eyes and lets rock the planet
So rise come on rise damn it
Open your eyes and lets rock the planet!

It’s alive!!! I’ve created a monster
Won’t be satisfied til the planet is conquered
Battle I think is not what cha really wanna do
Every body make way god on the move!!!
Repeat Hook


from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), released June 20, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Milio


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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