Loyalty will sometimes have you convincing yourself to stay in a situation that will ultimately destroy you. In 'Git From 'Round Here!' we hear from two older peers from Sub's childhood and the advice they gave him and a girl he knew of but never met.


I don’t really want
I don’t really want
I don’t really wanna see you go!

I don’t really want
I don’t really want
I don’t really wanna see you go!

When we met you were at age of 12
While you were trying to raise your grades I was out here raising hell
You were selling toys and art, I had other things to sale
I showed you love though you’re far from thug
With the heart of a cub so you can’t be frail
I respect that. Can’t lose it if you know where your head at
Couldn’t slow down, I was crackin’ heads
Since Derrick X was out here yellin "head crack"
But you’s a brand new being? While I’m stuck in my ways on this block for life
Smoking and drinking and uhh all night, sticking these hoes I ain’t got no type
But you got a good chick that there’s type of broad you wife
I did some bad s*** but this some pretty damn good advice
You with the wrong crowd but you tryna live right, stood by your hood and it wasn’t your fight
Duck a few strays almost lost your life, 'round the same time you were rockin mics
Told me you had plans, destined to advance and my mans and I knew it
Said you’d never leave home if these song helped you blow, n**** don’t be stupid
Cause all that bama s*** you talkin ‘bout gon’ get your a** killed so let me help
If you gettin’ money and you still here I’mma rob your a** myself.

You don’t really need to be round here
Only broken hearts and dreams outchea
I don’t really want
I don’t really want
But I don’t really wanna see you go!

You don’t really need to be round here
Hard to rise above defeat down here
I don’t really want
I don’t really want
No I don’t really wanna see you go!

Cruel world, letting women pass by, good girl with a thing for a bad guys
Why boast, enemy to most, you and me close, you’re my only ally
You were dying to find something real and willing ride when nobody will
Even if I lie, cheat and kill, man it’s all I got, usin’ my skill
At first you ain’t really know the truth, maybe you did but ignored the proof
Why you chose to stay I have no clue, bad for your image and health too
Now we went from perfect strangers to taking selfies with our middle fingers
Ain’t got much in common and it got me wondering if you only love me 'cause I’m dangerous
Plus you bound for college, I know you’ll accomplish anything.
For me that ship has sailed and I got s*** to sale and they ain’t made a drug I ain’t slang
Tryin’ 2 tell me that I can do better, act like you know better I know you smart
Got these dollars on my mind and that ain’t bout change just cuz I gave you my heart
These killas out here show no mercy, probably kill you just to hurt me
That s***'s true I ain’t perping, you know moving on ain’t the worst thing…
If you love someone let’em go if it’s meant to be they’ll find there way back
That’s what they say and I’m in your way only, girl I’ll love, that don’t change the fact that…



from Present EP [Clean], released May 27, 2016
(M. Marino, S. Robinson)
Co-Produced by Substantial
Bass by Gerson Zaragoza
Drums by Christopher 'Biscuit' Bynum
Christopher 'Biscuit' Bynum appears courtesy of Sound of the City ENT., LLC (BMI)


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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