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Verse 1
I want you to know, take you anywhere
I want you to go! Studied the flow, hungry for more
If you’re wanting a show come see the pro
Fronting’s a no unless you got money to blow
Put up or shut up and run for the door
Or get hit up and lit up and drug on the floor
So don’t fuck with a bro
And you won’t be suffering Joe
Sit your ass down or get snuffed with a blow
That’ll push in nose and comes with concussions and mo’
Just something to know ‘fore you step in the dojo
(Since you so slow) Say it in Slow Mo’
(Shit is kind of pointless though yo’
Like giving kids with no fingers yo-yos)
Back to the show though or program
This show man’s the Conan of dope jams
The flow man is nastier than old spam
No scam you couldn’t get a grip with both hands
Getting funky on the good foot minus the toe jam
With halfway crooks so shook they hold hands

I own you!
Care less what they told you
I’ll break, shape and mold you
When I rock you’ll think I stoned you
Repeat Hook

Hook 2
Suckers better do what I tell you
You don’t want no problems with me
Hope you follow orders real well too
Now that you punks are my property

Verse 2
I’m a horrible beast that be clobbering beats
Keeping my listeners on a collar and leash
With headphones stitched to their scalp
If you resist get pitched from the alps
So wise guys will sky dive without a parachute
Harder than water skiing with a pair of boots
Made of cement with a ball and chain attached
And the party just started how insane is that
I put it plain as Pat if you came to rap
There is more to it than how your chain is Plat.
Come back when you’ve found where your brain is at
I’ll maim and slap everyone of you flaming cats
I’m a maniac. You’re a slave to the system
Tried to play hero I made him a victim
Quick to back down sit your ass down
You front too much play the background!

Hook 2

Verse 3
So many people flagrantly hating me.
Why are they mistaking me
For someone sweet as bakeries
Foolish pride or just bravery? Hell!
Flip a coin once again it’s on
I treat the shit like porn and stick dick to poems
Fuck your verses up and never call back
Just hit it ‘cause I was bored you were never all that
But I’ll give it to you baby like the late great Rick…
…James bitch! Call mayday quick
Slay lames quick they ain’t sick
Nobody cared like when AJ quit
Take aim spit spray maims prick
Hey face it they basic
Display hatred ‘cause they makeshift
This fake face lift will break braces!

Hook 2


from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), released June 20, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Flip One


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.



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