VERSE 1 (Substantial)
BEEN repping Maryland worldwide nice of yall to show up
Still listening to dumb shit, when you gon grow up
Fam still asking me, “When you gon blow up”
Fans like “when you drop some new shit, hold up”
Home Sweet Home my biggest record to date
Still don’t know where I’m from, I even stated the state (MD!)
Apparently, people thought it was 3 of me
1 from Tokyo, Brooklyn and the DMV
Same dude, champ just my grind’s 3 X dope
Like EST, You would think these wrote
With ESP because I knew what you would like
Before there was a button on your app or your site
It’s cool we following the Tastemakers
But the source always lies in the Creators
Most high, MCs & the Beatmakers
Shine now, they gon see later!

HOOK (Substantial)
(You late)
Still don’t know the time
Told’em check the resumé to know that I’m…
Here to stay
Get familiar
With the catalogue
And mi familia
Cause we ain’t
Done dog, hell nah still here
Gimme mine cuz it’s long overdue (hell yeah!)
We ain’t going no where, hell nah still here
Gimme mine cuz it’s long overdue (hell yeah!)

VERSE 2 (Von Pea)
The beatmaker is here, from a tribe called tanya,
Yawn, some of yall think I never made other songs…
Its just weird…
Kicked ass for the past couple years,
Well...perception is a mofuck......
Its cool though still a lotug…
Leader of the underground even on the el,
A brother gotta rise, I hope it all gels,
But I was told never pay attention to the hares,
Tortoise em to death, earn pension and shares,
And when you in an interview and they aint do the knowledge,
Like asking who produce it, and what's up with il-eye-is?...who?
LOL and keep smiling,
Spellin Dons name wrong in all of the writings,
All he had to do was get busy on the wiki,
Now the arm stiff and the shoulder all nippy


VERSE 3 (Substantial)
If you hear somebody saying “Fuck You I Rhyme Better”
I’m the co-writer, pay me royalty for good measure
Simple rule of thumb, where ya dude is from
We usually stunt, diddy bop while chewing gum
Which reminds me, why they keep calling us Bob
It’s Bop Alloy, someone please get’em a swab
And I hear’em saying press it on wax
But didn’t know that I press like 11 in fact. How many you got?
Exactly! Couldn’t google shit before you asked me
Or acquire basic rudiments before you tagged me
Some only care who made the beat I was bless with
Then they eff up their name like the shit ain’t in the credits
Guessing they’re allergic to liner notes
Post most of the lyrics they still murderize my quotes
(Meanwhile) none of this shit’s beyond your scope
Guess I should be happy that at least you find me dope. Thanks!



from The Past​.​.​. [Explicit], released March 17, 2015
featuring Von Pea of Tanya Morgan


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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