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We in the building.
Tell you a little story.
Listen up, peep.
Check it out.

Verse 1
There was no other way to word it. It would appear
That youngin’ right was the closest to thing perfect
I had laid eyes on. It was after a show
And what do you know baby girl’s feeling my song
Never mad at that she was nice on the eyes
Would give anything to rub ice on her thighs
And count her goose bumps. Try to tickle her fancy
Ol’girl was so fine I’d let her call me Stanley
(Whoa!) Yeah I know right! Far from Snow White
Black queen just graduated from Grambling
On a late summer night we were on her stoop chatting
About her future plans and my usual rap thing
Seems she felt the vibrations minus the sex toy
(but was scared) ‘Cause in the day she was played like Metroid
I understood that but understand this
You know I couldn’t walk away with just a damn kiss so I said…

(Hey baby let me stay) How that sound to you?
(Hey baby let me stay) Baby girl what trying to do?
(I don’t care what you’re friend are about to say.)
They can say what they want but I can’t front
I’m trying to get down with you

Verse 2
Fast forward fireworks (shit!) I thought I saw the A-Bomb
But couldn’t see this chick was as volatile as napomb
She said she loved me, I still wasn’t sure yet
But she said she knew from the night on her doorstep
And she knew that moment was something she never forget
I provided her warmth she couldn’t get with Gore-Tex
All that from little old me (Hold on)
Love you don’t really know me (What’s wrong)
I was thinking out loud didn’t mean to offend you
Honestly I’m lucky to be friend you. ‘Cause you…
Yet to show me something that I didn’t like. Though…
The face you made a second ago, was kind of psycho
But everybody eyes bug out now and then. It’s nothing.
Why’s her eyebrow twitching again? She bugging!
Love chill! I’m not going to leave you.
You fell for me in a night, that’s hard to believe boo
Pump your breaks baby. Lets let this thing simmer love
And spin some more time ‘fore we pick it up
Damn! Shit’s getting out of hand should’ve known. Let me get my keys
So I can take you home. She don’t want to be alone so she said…

(Hey baby let me stay) Baby I don’t know?
(Hey baby let me stay) Maybe you should go?
(I don’t care what you’re friend are about to say.)
Let me get to the point so I can break it down to yall… listen up.

Verse 3
Damn! Shit got out of hand
Hit it twice, third strike put me in an ambulance
Let me back track… so you can get the whole story
And show you when and where it went wrong with shorty.
The more I got to know her it was like overexposure
‘Cause star… was short a few cookies in her jar
And the scar on her heart and mind technically no fault of mine
But I wasn’t helping with my endless quest for more behind
But I really dug her. Could’ve even loved her
If it wasn’t for the fact she had stalker potential
Didn’t take much to see she’s possibly mental
Broke in my crib I had to start locking windows
Thought one of my sisters was my mistress
Snuffed me, then beat my sister half bloody
That’s cruddy the situation’s past ugly
It’s a damn shame what she did to that puppy
Got an order of restraint then she snuck in back of me
Bash me with a bottle till the damn glass cut me
Now I’m bleeding getting stomped to the ground
Then she says by the way I’m dumping you now
All from a girl who’s pops wasn’t around
Now I’m calling 9-11 hoping cops come around
When they finally show up… I’m laying on the curb
As they put the cuffs on her last words that I heard were…

(Hey baby let me stay) Not a chance in hell!
(Hey baby let me stay) Girl you going to jail!
(I don’t care what you’re friend are about to say.)
See, see, see that shit right there
Now I know your ass crazy.
Those aren’t my friends those are the damn cops! Cops! Crazy!
(Hey baby let me stay) Hell away from it here!
(Hey baby let me stay) You gotta go my dear!
(I don’t care what you’re friend are about to say)
My friends don’t wear blue.
And walk around with billy clubs, hitting crazy girls upside their head!


from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), released June 20, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: T. Dot Da Kid


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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