I like this
Perfect definition what a wife is
Show me how exciting life is…

HOOK (Substantial)
(I like this!)
Stability, peace of mind, safety (Priceless)
Food, clothes, shelter and a baby (Priceless)
Laughter, fun and support (Priceless)
Passion & romance galore (Priceless)

VERSE 1 (Substantial)
This ain't that one night stand, hit it quit it then I'm gone
Poppin on a handstand, get it get It type of song
It's that deep ish, rare... Heathcliff/Claire
Not quite Apples and oranges but still a good pair
Far from millionaires this here kingdom is modest
Love your kinky hair and flair to seek knowledge
So I wouldn't dare compare to be honest
A breath of fresh air, my prayer's to breath Goddess
Filled with your spirit, since I reeled in the digits
Formed a guild with my dearest, what we feel is implicit
It's real ain't no gimmicks, always build and till we finished
So there still ain't no limits to what's fulfilled when we listen
...and I doubt this’ll end ever
'Cause InI ride or die thru our endeavors
Whenever the weather is frightful
Remember it’ll pass
So don’t ever be spiteful
That is all I ask
Don’t let our progress be stifled
By the pursuit cash
And insignificant titles. It all fades.
Do what you love with who you love most
Worthy of respect and gets the utmost
Some want a man for riches you got me for ambition
And vision, smart enough to spot a powerful addition
To my life, (You don’t need a ring to be my wife)
But I put one on you anyhow, anything to see you smile


VERSE 2 (Isaiah)
Never ever had much one could measure and touch
So together we must be the treasure I clutch
If forever’s enough and it’s better than stuff
I’ll spend it with you. Wouldn’t it be nice
Why couldn’t it be life? Why shouldn’t be like
A bumble to lotus. Clark to Lois.
Bill & Ted to bogus. Excellent, so it’s
Intelligent to show it. I plan on doin’.
Your hand persuin’... a no brainer
Like Dorothy’s Scarecrow. Support me ergo
I support you and try to court you
Like a defendant. Touch you with intent
To leave you with imprints on your psyche.
Unlikely, I know. It might be I show
Too little affection. Here’s the exception
In case you question, who’s in possession
Of my devotion. You are I’m hopin’.
So far you’re open to being mine.
‘Cause believin’, I’m… your’s feels right.
Sure, we fight and war some nights
Like swords and knights of the round table
It would sound fatal to hear a breakin’
Imprisonin’ my vision and there’s no escapin’
Like you’re behind bars cause you’re behind ours!



from The Past​.​.​. [Explicit], released March 17, 2015
featuring DJ Jav and Isaiah of The Other Guys


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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