If you need more scream give me more
(Give me more!!!) Then here we go!
Repeat Intro

Verse 1
Substantial and Algorythm had to hit them
Like your queens are fiends to get something phallic in them
Yall sound like rappers that never found the rhythm
You’re nothing B! Stop clapping on one and three
Hope somebody got your back if you’re thinking to front of me
Pops died when I was 10 how the fuck is you sunning me
If you speak about my momma then you soon will meet some drama
I don’t need the heat to harm ya you’ll get beat into a comma
(Wait) meant to say a coma Son it’s safe to say it’s over
U.V. Ink is taking over so start praying to Jehovah like…
(Lord Please) You can tell he’s so sweet
How many grown ass men with no kids say horsie?
Trying to get a deal and you’re in your forties
I’ll leave you black and blue like a working whore’s knees
Spitting sharp lyrics ‘til vocal chords bleed
On some Oliver Twist shit begging like more please!

(Please sir can I have some more)
You ‘bout to get what you’re asking for
On the real dog if I was as wack as yall
I’d ask myself “What the fuck am I rapping for?”
Repeat Hook

Verse 2
If I’ve lost my touch, you’ve lost your mind
It better be the state border if you’ve crossed the line
Every rhymes a lifesaver so I’m tossing lines
Got something you don’t have it’s called a spine
Why is your ass tripping fall behind
Been nice since the pay phone cost a dime
And I’m not really that old but I’m really that nice
So give me that mic you should play the bag pipes
‘Cause you seem like the type that likes pipes and bags
Must be a drama author ‘cause your writing’s sad
(Maybe a garbage man) Don’t get mad, I had to ask
It just seems like all the women you take out is trash
My thoughts are food get a plate
& all of you can call my crew the Klumps ‘cause the family is heavyweight
I’d tell you step it up but you’re unable to elevate
Besides would you ask a gay man to get it straight (Come on)


Verse 3
While you’re calling out like you’re sick with it I’m on the J.O.
Verbally serving any employee that’s on the payroll
Giving your weak shit the pink slip without severance
Verses so fresh my book of rhymes smell like peppermint
Know to give you hell though the music sounds heaven-sent
Gave up on Hip-Hop I’m the artist they’ll recommend
Maryland born Brooklyn resident… The People’s Champ
With this special delivery you won’t even need a stamp
Close you eyes and envision me sitting by the reader’s lamp
Writing something and instantly know that it’s a keeper man
While you’re taking up space wasting paper and ink
I let it go as it comes and really say what I think
You heard me competition we put them on gurneys
Put their fronts in the back of they mouth punch out their pearly
Whites or they’re dirty yellas you ain’t wothy fella
Substantial surround sound you ain’t hear me better

Finale Hook
You couldn’t possibly want some more
Do you really know what you’re asking for
On the real dog if I was as wack as yall
I’d ask myself “what the fuck am I rapping for?”
Repeat last bar of hook 4x


from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), track released June 21, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Algorythm


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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