Verse 1
Yeah I do this for the love of the music
But it never hurts to get a little something to do it
Especially when these dummies getting paid out the ass
And those nicest at it aren’t really making no cash
Youngins’ getting signed labels raping they ass
And those I once respected have been making some trash
People think that pure hip-hop has taken a dash
When all along I’ve been keeping it safe in the stash
For a rainy day and it’s been pouring for years
The culture has suffered I’ve been ignoring her tears
Now I’m fighting for her through expression of self
And I fight for my fam at times getting no help (but I keep at it)
At times my story it may seem tragic
But I change to miracle man you thought you’ve seen magic
‘Cause they’ve never seen a struggle so beautiful
It’s my everyday this is nothing unusual

This is more than street shit
This is if I don’t make it we won’t eat shit people need this
More than rapper rhyming to the beat shit
Life reenacted on disc repeat this
Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Been rhyming over a decade far from rich
But I’m blessed to get paid from the bars I spit
Ironic because the microphone I never thought to grab it
At least I turned this art form to a self supporting habit
Still broker than a mofo can’t live off show doe
Thank God I can draw or there goes my logo
Gotta be another way ain’t got the doe ‘cause
So I’m force to do it all like one half of L.O.T.U.G.
Pay someone to do what I’m doing man for what
But the constant grind I’m on will make a man go nuts
Playing phone tag with these cold ass executives
To the point I barely have time to call my relatives
Free time negative it’s like I gotta schedule it
Deep ‘cause at times I forget I to sleep
Feels like time wasted when on your grind face it
This shit here has never been for the weak
How would you know if you never been in the streets
Blocks hot to the point that it singes our feet
When dawn cracks it’s on black though I tire
Early bird gets the worm and sores much higher


Verse 3
Write my own rhymes you ain’t telling me nothing
Cover designs mine also sick with production
But this heat you’re hearing is that of Suede Jury
Illustrating my pain to the track he made for me
What can you say to me, you ain’t understanding me
Pressing my own CD’s and cutting the covers manually
Chop and bagging that quality product
Just for cats to download it gotta be my luck
Youngin’ do you know how much I paid for this
My paper’s outta here like VHS and Laserdisc
Broke and forced to promote online
But the dudes I grew up with don’t go online
So the one’s that need to hear it most don’t know I exist
Meanwhile hip-hop music is going to shit
Gotta eat before I starve and my ribs is showing
But that’s what you get when you live for flowing

Repeat Hook


from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), released June 20, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Suede Jury


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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