Tony Stanza (feat. Tonedeff & Marcus D)

from by Substantial & Algorythm



If all these rappers are bossman
All these rappers are bossman
All these rappers are bossman
All these rappers are bossman
Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work?
Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work?
Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work?
Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work?

VERSE 1 (Substantial)
Yall some underachievers,
You’ll never be a boss or leader
Competitor you’re hardly that either
You’ll never be as hard as us creatures
You’re messin with Gods of the speakers
They sayin Oh My God he’s a genius
How you gonna ball from the bleachers...
Where I’m from they call that shit leachin’
Nobody working harder we beastin,
This shit’ll put a pause on your breathing
Somebody stick a folk in’em please and...
Tell’em bring the coffin he’s leavin
Can’t tell if he was coughing or queefin
Ain’t built for this boy you’re a fetus
Rippin’ shit apart at our event
Like a bawse and applause isn’t need
‘Cause we working day and night, on the low
So it’s hard to stay in sight but you know that
Behind the scenes, that I guide my team to realize our dreams and ignite
The f-f-fire, desire climbing higher and higher
I was rich even prior to turning sires to buyers
You’s a customer not owner,
Just a rustler not loaner
Hold up, better own up, for you roll up
And you get exposed as just a poser
You’s a fraud, baby you ready or nah,
We can see through the facade
We goin hard, from our backyard to abroad
On our job wherever we are!


VERSE 2 (Tonedeff)
Godammit, y’all out to lunch
How in the fuck I expect that the job be done?
Hired a bunch of impressionist, sloppy chumps
Trying to stunt for the benefits, stocks and such
Slip/fall for a settlement, a thousand bucks
Ripped off, now they sweatin in a taco truck
Brickwalled by their pettiness - and all for what?
Shit nah - there ain’t anyone the boss of us
What a conundrum, who’s left to be moppin up?
Who in the f’s gonna fetch me a coffee cup?
It’s obvious none of us wanna be stuck in the office
but when I’m running biz independently - I’m the one
in front of a monitor - the devil in me got me just
Hunting for dollars, every penny is the god you trust
I’m an autonomous executive - I call for cuts
Of any incompetent secretaries - so y’all are fucked
Pink slip… but they talking tough? And wanna don boxing gloves
Bitch, you a mailroom clerk - so when the scale don’t work, you don’t box, you just box shit up
Zip it! Ship it! Whip it, good! Devo! Nobody making a cent off Vevo - We don’t
Give our money to Mr. Iovine, No, we keeping our c-notes, and build it up till the profits come
Obnoxious to some, cause everybody hate they boss
Yelling bout how to make they calls
Telling em how their vacay’s off
Venting ‘bout how their pay grade’s small
Evidence of the game they lost,
And the main is stage is ours, y’all are just bitter
HR wanted a confidence builder,
Fine, I’ma get Algo, then Kill drums with Sub - put em on a bill
bottom line is we always deliver. Get up!



from Always EP [Explicit], released July 17, 2015
Piano by Marcus D
Contains portion of Gods'Illa 'Our Lane' ft. Substantial from The CPR Blendtape


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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