I do what I love. Love what I do
Doing this for me as well as for you
Say true if the words that I’m speaking you people feel (True)
Plus that look in your eyes got me curious
Repeat Hook

Verse 1
It’s been a long time but I never left you
Stuck on C.P. time fans like what kept you
Just label changes hating strangers
And several failed attempts to invade the majors
But I’m back with vengeance now love me or hate me
Dub me or pay me say fuck me or pay me
Makes me no difference just as long as I’m thought about
Bet you’d pay attention if names I was calling out
With dames falling out of tight clothing
Sacrificing who I am because I like flowing
I am a black man first emcee second
Any questions many lessons
Are learned when you listen up yo I’m never giving up
Forced feeding food for thought till rap cats spit it up
Your fist get it up if you live righteous
And you don’t give a fuck who claims to be nicest
I aim to be priceless worth more than jewels
Hanging in ciphers sharing what I do well
To educate young ones elevate from guns to mind power
Transforming blind coward to divine cowards
Who are dedicated to change
Never waited for fame because hesitation is lame
We penetrating your brain renovating the game
Till it’s all new to make it better for all you

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
When I recite a verse at a minimum you’re impress
With a name like Substantial who could expect less
Giving you what you need without the excess
Some of us don’t respect life just respect death
Or fear it lost souls with weak spirits
In every single word that they udder you can hear it
While I stand proud cram crowds in small venues
Build with my skill and tell you why God’s in you
But it’s hard when you’ve been doing this for years
Your crew disappears and you’ve been dissed by peers
Trying to stay conscious when ignorance is bliss
My people think twice ‘fore you get into this
Disrespect over intellect in this biz
And you don’t know jack about censorship
Talk sex, drugs and violence they won’t censor shit
Diss the government they’ll put an end to it
Why oh why won’t they let me be
Didn’t mess with yall till you mess with me
Sex and fast cars all they let you see
Their scared to put doe where the message be
Scared to put doe where the message be
Scared to put doe where the message be
Scared to invest money where the message be
Keeping us dumb so we can’t get free

Repeat Hook

Verse 3
When disaster strikes is education leaking through a
Rappers mic the bastard might
Blast some light on issues in dark places
That’s the reason some of our leaders caught cases
Or hot ones the mind spray more than shot guns
Or ill triggers why be a real nigga
Be a real leader a real man real original
How real would I be if I wasn’t real with you

That shit was like… Uh!


from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), released June 20, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Chew Fu


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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