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Verse 1
You want things similar to a quick fix
‘Cause you’re known to stay all in the mix like twix sticks
You want sick whips & thick chicks to ride with ya
A tight squad that’ll fight hard and die with ya
You rhyme because you want to get put on badly
So you can stack paper taller than Sean Bradley
You want nice clothes platinum and white gold
Sprinkled in diamonds my how the ice glows
You like hoes you hit with ease eager to please
‘Cause you type swole and getting cheese and you emcee
So life’s a piece of cake and sweeter than new coochie
Until it throws you a curve and now you look like Pookie
What happened?!? Too busy living for today
Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed but be prepared anyway
So you’ll have a little something if it shows up
Don’t wanna see you hit rock bottom and go nuts
Watch these loose booty broads ‘cause the next chick
That you sex with could lead to your exit
If you must ride the fast lane be sure to buckle up
Chasing what you want don’t even realize when you’re fucking up

(I know what you want)
Yes indeed but I’d rather give you what you need
(I know what you want)
4) Though this is true only you really know what’s best for you… right???
(I know what you want)
6) Yes indeed but I’d rather give you what you need
(I know what you want)
(So what you what you what you want)

Verse 2
You want a baller girl who’ll promise you all the world
And everything between with many pretty things that gleam
Pull up at clubs on dubs pushing his fast car
Too late to break your hearts speeding like Nascar
It’s amazing what chicks be shaking their ass for
You’re just material girls like Madonna
Fronting like virgins when dudes be splurging
She certainly leaves pockets and hearts hurting
This person wants a lot with nothing at the table
That she brought expect a pretty face & fables
But I can’t be mad youngin’ in that’s all she know
She never got the proper guidance that she need to grow
She thinks that money is the only thing she need him for
That’s all she need to know if she got her paper right
Heavy to us but baby girl thinks it’s light
Until she finds it hard to look at her own face at night
You need a man that loves you for the beautiful person you are
Too many in the past abused and hurt you leaving you scarred
And they disregard the seed they planted in you
Now your heart has harden and you plan to get loot
I truly nowhere you’re coming from girl no doubt
But don’t forget you’re only gonna get what you throw out
Don’t miss a good thing to prove you’re bad
There’s a better way girl just choose the path



from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), released June 20, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Tonedeff


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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