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    releases 27 May 2016

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The Sub Way (feat. Precious Joubert)
Git From 'Round Here
A Break 2 Build On (feat. Intelligenz)
Better To Give (feat. Precious Joubert)


releases May 27, 2016

All songs produced by Marcus D (M. Marino) for MARCUS D PRODUCTIONS (ASCAP)
All songs written & mixed by Substantial (S. Robinson) for Unlimited Vinyl (ASCAP) except for where noted.

Cover art painting by Lionel Frazier White III
Cover art layout by Stan "Substantial" Robinson



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Party With Purpose (feat. Steph the Sapphic Songstress)
Ya ready?!
Get get get get get get ready?!
Get get get get ready?!
Ready... Aim... Fire… like Blow!
World tuned in to what I write now.
Past. Future. Right now!
Marcus check the levels how my mic sound? (All good)
Movin’ right on
Fist in the air like right on
Keep letting bygones be bygones
Chuck a deuce to your ass like bye! GONE! (FOH)
Use to party like I gave a #uck
Lips on a bottle with my eyes on her butt
Foot on the throttle tried to keep it turnt up
Like my hand on the volume don’t care where we turn up
(No chill)
Now I party like I got a plan
Shit I use to do for free now I get about a grand
Some are still asleep and they really not a fan
They was looking for sheep but instead they got a man
(So real)

Steppin' out the crib I wanna move it,
But when I start to move, I start a movement.
So, stop and take a look at how I do it, I
Party with purpose.
So, you can pop your bottles 'til you lose it
While the sound is drowned out by our music.
We gon' keep your hands high while we do it, let's
Party with purpose.

We’d party and bullshit
Living our lives to the fullest
Back when Gangstarr had a full clip
After everybody was on the Bulls dick
Plenty Bullets. No Wizards
Youngin’ pull ish. Go bizerk!
Folk run the street doing dizzirt
It was nothing sweet, no desserts
Hit the chizzurch, trying to wash away their sins
Til Friday come then some do it again
And the people run for fun and get it in
'Cause we creep from slums where none of us s'pose to win
And I'm, and I'm, and I'm up in here with'em
Share the same problems we don't only share rhythm
Working to resolve'em while we up in here sipping
Til we empty out a bottle we ain't up in here tripping
And we ain't bullshitting just shitting on the bull
Got us off track, cup still half full
Gon pushback til we really have pull
‘Fore you lift that skirt better lift that wool
And know who you effin’ with
The truth will probably make a hooker turn celibate
They can sell a bit of lies but we sidestepping it
Miss me, quickly that ain’t what we represent, nah!


Ain’t no party like a party with purpose
If you party with a purpose don’t stop
For lyin’ ass journalists, punk politicians
Or racists ass murdering cops
Ain’t no party like a party with purpose
If you party with a purpose don’t quit
For fake ass thugs or culture vultures
Won’t cha get off our dick
Yeah we did it before, just did it again
Been this way from the door, getting it til the end
Givin’ yall the raw for sure give it a spin
From the core we swore to war until we win
One accord. Of course the source is from within
And the force is strong as Thor or Benjamin
Grimm hardbody decor but sport a grin
Slim’s leavin’ balance restored workin’ a pen