Verse 1
Walk up in the park smell food from blocks away
Been a while since the last one I’ve got to say
I look forward to these it’s like a holiday
Link with friends and kin it’s gon’ be hot today
My black people do cookouts the proper way
Food that’ll silence cats with a lot to say
Make you forget the day hasn’t gone your way
Food far as the eye can see more on the way
God bless the chef and his momma for making him
All that is left in the end they gon’ take with them
All out of breath from playing on the court breakin’em
In 3 on 3 tournaments but that ain’t me doing it
Catch me in the shade with my Spades partner Big M
Gittin’ fools with 10 for 2’s screaming next victim
Loss like 3 times since 1996
Hood fun another good one, my kinda ish

Hook (rnb)
Those summertime days be calling you
To link with the fam for a barbeque
Spades, Dominos, and food galore
And all the pretty women that you adore
Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Don’t know when they started but I’m some kinda grateful
Only violence you see is broken dominos tables
Got a whole plateful of Mmm Mmm goodness
Heaven on a paper plate can I get a witness
And BBQ chicken with my drink of choice
And once it’s time to dig in you won’t hear my voice
Just tunes rockin’ from someone boom box and
Their cousin’s on DJ, at least that’s what he say
So anyway I’m about to hide
Rumor is they about to do the Cha Cha slide
And I don’t do that there Ooh who that there
You fine but even you shouldn’t do that there
Look like somebody uncle can’t seem to keep up
Give that man a chair ‘cause you can see he drunk
But everybody’s having fun and I ain’t one to hate
For real Joe this might be the best one to date

Hook (rnb)(2x)

Said it’s time less of stress
Breeze begun heat is on
For everyone, Blue is Gone
Green is high, It’s the Time!

Verse 3
No matter how hard times get we gotta elevate
And remember life is something that we should celebrate
So I never hesitate to talk about my favorite function
Catch me at somebody cookout with a big ol’ plate of something
Turkey or hamburgers, hell maybe catfish
Chicken, potato salad, baby back ribs
Franks and plenty chips only here’s when you eat good
Even when pennyless and the list goes on
Let the soda, quarter water and the liq’s flow on
Wide variety of poison for your pleasure man the weather
Don’t get no better than this I’m hoping heaven is this
On an infinite loop if you feeling this too sing…

Hook (2x)


Verse rnb
It’s that feeling
That you recieve
To let you know life is
Tight and green
Don’t come that often
So I ain’t missing out
The love it gives is what’s
Life is all about!
We ‘bout to roll to the barbeque
To chill with the green and erase the blue
I’m ‘bout to talk to this girl right here
Maybe it’s their body or the clothes they wear
I’m ‘bout to roll their with my dogs
To pick up a bite or maybe ball
We ‘bout to roll to the Barbeque
Damn those summer days be calling you!


from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), released June 20, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial & rnb
Produced by: Chew Fu


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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