Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice)

by Substantial



“Sacrificial Lambs” is a compilation of songs cut from the highly anticipated new album “Sacrifice”. Substantial first started work on “Sacrifice” in 2001 so, these songs span 5 years. Not every song on this release was cut because of what it lacked, some were cut because of issues between Substantial and the producer(s) and other issues that came about.

Raw rhymes + quality production = A Great Hip-Hop Album! Buthere’s the catch, Sacrificial Lambs is “…an album, it’s just not the album”, as Substantial states in the intro of this top notch project. Basically, it’s a collection of songs cut from his release, Sacrifice. This is an upbeat, and at time dark project, with enough knock to have fans reaching for the nearest neck brace. Sacrificial Lambs is clearly a cut above the average hip-hop release.


released June 20, 2006

Executive Producer: Substantial

Cover Art: Stan B. Robinson
Photo: Chad Griffith

2, 15 - Produced by Algorythm
3 - Produced by Milco
4, 7, 9 - Produced by Chew Fu
5 - Produced by FlipOne
8, 14 - Produced by Substantial
10 - Produced by T. Dot
11 - Produced by Von Johnson
12 - Produced by Milio
13, 17 - Produced by Tonedeff
16 - Produced by Suede Jury


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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Track Name: Some More
If you need more scream give me more
(Give me more!!!) Then here we go!
Repeat Intro

Verse 1
Substantial and Algorythm had to hit them
Like your queens are fiends to get something phallic in them
Yall sound like rappers that never found the rhythm
You’re nothing B! Stop clapping on one and three
Hope somebody got your back if you’re thinking to front of me
Pops died when I was 10 how the fuck is you sunning me
If you speak about my momma then you soon will meet some drama
I don’t need the heat to harm ya you’ll get beat into a comma
(Wait) meant to say a coma Son it’s safe to say it’s over
U.V. Ink is taking over so start praying to Jehovah like…
(Lord Please) You can tell he’s so sweet
How many grown ass men with no kids say horsie?
Trying to get a deal and you’re in your forties
I’ll leave you black and blue like a working whore’s knees
Spitting sharp lyrics ‘til vocal chords bleed
On some Oliver Twist shit begging like more please!

(Please sir can I have some more)
You ‘bout to get what you’re asking for
On the real dog if I was as wack as yall
I’d ask myself “What the fuck am I rapping for?”
Repeat Hook

Verse 2
If I’ve lost my touch, you’ve lost your mind
It better be the state border if you’ve crossed the line
Every rhymes a lifesaver so I’m tossing lines
Got something you don’t have it’s called a spine
Why is your ass tripping fall behind
Been nice since the pay phone cost a dime
And I’m not really that old but I’m really that nice
So give me that mic you should play the bag pipes
‘Cause you seem like the type that likes pipes and bags
Must be a drama author ‘cause your writing’s sad
(Maybe a garbage man) Don’t get mad, I had to ask
It just seems like all the women you take out is trash
My thoughts are food get a plate
& all of you can call my crew the Klumps ‘cause the family is heavyweight
I’d tell you step it up but you’re unable to elevate
Besides would you ask a gay man to get it straight (Come on)


Verse 3
While you’re calling out like you’re sick with it I’m on the J.O.
Verbally serving any employee that’s on the payroll
Giving your weak shit the pink slip without severance
Verses so fresh my book of rhymes smell like peppermint
Know to give you hell though the music sounds heaven-sent
Gave up on Hip-Hop I’m the artist they’ll recommend
Maryland born Brooklyn resident… The People’s Champ
With this special delivery you won’t even need a stamp
Close you eyes and envision me sitting by the reader’s lamp
Writing something and instantly know that it’s a keeper man
While you’re taking up space wasting paper and ink
I let it go as it comes and really say what I think
You heard me competition we put them on gurneys
Put their fronts in the back of they mouth punch out their pearly
Whites or they’re dirty yellas you ain’t wothy fella
Substantial surround sound you ain’t hear me better

Finale Hook
You couldn’t possibly want some more
Do you really know what you’re asking for
On the real dog if I was as wack as yall
I’d ask myself “what the fuck am I rapping for?”
Repeat last bar of hook 4x
Track Name: Child's Play
Children: 4!
Substantial: Uh… yeah
Children: 3!
Substantial: Ok, lets go yall
Children: 2!
Substantial: Count it down here we go, uh
Children: 1!
Substantial: Uh-huh!
It’s too easy (This, This, This isn’t challenging!)
It’s too easy I can do this all day because…
It’s too easy (This, This, This isn’t challenging!)
It’s too easy to me it’s mere child’s play
Repeat Hook

Verse 1
I wild out like recess. Slay rhymes at playtime
6, 7, 8, 9, won’t due I say dime lines
These perfect 10s murder men when I use vowels
You barely move bowels how you gonna move crowds
I move brows off of faces with these knuckle heroes
With raw beef for all peeps that want to come in here though
Because only burner you got is made by Panasonic
Everything is wrong with your song what made you bamas want it
Couldn’t have been worse might as well had had Hammer on it
But look at this handsome product and you’ll say goddamn he’s got it
Often my girl would say, “You think your rhymes are hot or something”
I’d say not for nothing but I know they is
I’m a pro at this sweetheart. Get open when the beat starts
Trying to get the mic from me is like trying to rape She-Hulk
Don’t be foolish school kids you don’t want that
Hate all you want your girl’s saying “Ooh pump that! That’s my song!”


Verse 2
Beating me won’t happen like Sharpton going natural
From perm to an afro. You get served in a battle
Observe how I baffle these turds when I dazzle
With words that’ll grapple get hurt for your babble
Alert the Big Apple! MD cats is coming through
Putting my state on the map’s a fraction of what I’m-a-do
I’m a real MC we got enough actors
Front with tough tactics get your stuff fractured
(Calm down little guy) You ain’t so tough bastard
So young so angry damn these thug rappers
(Damn!!!) But I got love for street cats
Till we confuse hard with ignorant acts
Then write ignorant raps. Me getting with that, is a no-no
The drug dealers be using hip-hop for free promo
(Oh no!!!) Another underground rappers hating
Difference is I’d probably rip the kid you thought was blazing
Amazing is an understatement I was born to do this
It’s a fact stepping to me’s a tad more than stupid
It’s like trick or treating in Jew communities as Hitler
Look in the mirror loser. Look at me winner!
Even you can understand that, it’s idiot proof
Spitters like you cripple the youth
I’m a chip off the old block, you about to catch a chip in your tooth
Deaf people wouldn’t want hearing if they had to listen to you!

Track Name: What I Love
I do what I love. Love what I do
Doing this for me as well as for you
Say true if the words that I’m speaking you people feel (True)
Plus that look in your eyes got me curious
Repeat Hook

Verse 1
It’s been a long time but I never left you
Stuck on C.P. time fans like what kept you
Just label changes hating strangers
And several failed attempts to invade the majors
But I’m back with vengeance now love me or hate me
Dub me or pay me say fuck me or pay me
Makes me no difference just as long as I’m thought about
Bet you’d pay attention if names I was calling out
With dames falling out of tight clothing
Sacrificing who I am because I like flowing
I am a black man first emcee second
Any questions many lessons
Are learned when you listen up yo I’m never giving up
Forced feeding food for thought till rap cats spit it up
Your fist get it up if you live righteous
And you don’t give a fuck who claims to be nicest
I aim to be priceless worth more than jewels
Hanging in ciphers sharing what I do well
To educate young ones elevate from guns to mind power
Transforming blind coward to divine cowards
Who are dedicated to change
Never waited for fame because hesitation is lame
We penetrating your brain renovating the game
Till it’s all new to make it better for all you

Repeat Hook

Verse 2
When I recite a verse at a minimum you’re impress
With a name like Substantial who could expect less
Giving you what you need without the excess
Some of us don’t respect life just respect death
Or fear it lost souls with weak spirits
In every single word that they udder you can hear it
While I stand proud cram crowds in small venues
Build with my skill and tell you why God’s in you
But it’s hard when you’ve been doing this for years
Your crew disappears and you’ve been dissed by peers
Trying to stay conscious when ignorance is bliss
My people think twice ‘fore you get into this
Disrespect over intellect in this biz
And you don’t know jack about censorship
Talk sex, drugs and violence they won’t censor shit
Diss the government they’ll put an end to it
Why oh why won’t they let me be
Didn’t mess with yall till you mess with me
Sex and fast cars all they let you see
Their scared to put doe where the message be
Scared to put doe where the message be
Scared to put doe where the message be
Scared to invest money where the message be
Keeping us dumb so we can’t get free

Repeat Hook

Verse 3
When disaster strikes is education leaking through a
Rappers mic the bastard might
Blast some light on issues in dark places
That’s the reason some of our leaders caught cases
Or hot ones the mind spray more than shot guns
Or ill triggers why be a real nigga
Be a real leader a real man real original
How real would I be if I wasn’t real with you

That shit was like… Uh!
Track Name: I Own You
Verse 1
I want you to know, take you anywhere
I want you to go! Studied the flow, hungry for more
If you’re wanting a show come see the pro
Fronting’s a no unless you got money to blow
Put up or shut up and run for the door
Or get hit up and lit up and drug on the floor
So don’t fuck with a bro
And you won’t be suffering Joe
Sit your ass down or get snuffed with a blow
That’ll push in nose and comes with concussions and mo’
Just something to know ‘fore you step in the dojo
(Since you so slow) Say it in Slow Mo’
(Shit is kind of pointless though yo’
Like giving kids with no fingers yo-yos)
Back to the show though or program
This show man’s the Conan of dope jams
The flow man is nastier than old spam
No scam you couldn’t get a grip with both hands
Getting funky on the good foot minus the toe jam
With halfway crooks so shook they hold hands

I own you!
Care less what they told you
I’ll break, shape and mold you
When I rock you’ll think I stoned you
Repeat Hook

Hook 2
Suckers better do what I tell you
You don’t want no problems with me
Hope you follow orders real well too
Now that you punks are my property

Verse 2
I’m a horrible beast that be clobbering beats
Keeping my listeners on a collar and leash
With headphones stitched to their scalp
If you resist get pitched from the alps
So wise guys will sky dive without a parachute
Harder than water skiing with a pair of boots
Made of cement with a ball and chain attached
And the party just started how insane is that
I put it plain as Pat if you came to rap
There is more to it than how your chain is Plat.
Come back when you’ve found where your brain is at
I’ll maim and slap everyone of you flaming cats
I’m a maniac. You’re a slave to the system
Tried to play hero I made him a victim
Quick to back down sit your ass down
You front too much play the background!

Hook 2

Verse 3
So many people flagrantly hating me.
Why are they mistaking me
For someone sweet as bakeries
Foolish pride or just bravery? Hell!
Flip a coin once again it’s on
I treat the shit like porn and stick dick to poems
Fuck your verses up and never call back
Just hit it ‘cause I was bored you were never all that
But I’ll give it to you baby like the late great Rick…
…James bitch! Call mayday quick
Slay lames quick they ain’t sick
Nobody cared like when AJ quit
Take aim spit spray maims prick
Hey face it they basic
Display hatred ‘cause they makeshift
This fake face lift will break braces!

Hook 2
Track Name: BBQ ft. rnb
Verse 1
Walk up in the park smell food from blocks away
Been a while since the last one I’ve got to say
I look forward to these it’s like a holiday
Link with friends and kin it’s gon’ be hot today
My black people do cookouts the proper way
Food that’ll silence cats with a lot to say
Make you forget the day hasn’t gone your way
Food far as the eye can see more on the way
God bless the chef and his momma for making him
All that is left in the end they gon’ take with them
All out of breath from playing on the court breakin’em
In 3 on 3 tournaments but that ain’t me doing it
Catch me in the shade with my Spades partner Big M
Gittin’ fools with 10 for 2’s screaming next victim
Loss like 3 times since 1996
Hood fun another good one, my kinda ish

Hook (rnb)
Those summertime days be calling you
To link with the fam for a barbeque
Spades, Dominos, and food galore
And all the pretty women that you adore
Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Don’t know when they started but I’m some kinda grateful
Only violence you see is broken dominos tables
Got a whole plateful of Mmm Mmm goodness
Heaven on a paper plate can I get a witness
And BBQ chicken with my drink of choice
And once it’s time to dig in you won’t hear my voice
Just tunes rockin’ from someone boom box and
Their cousin’s on DJ, at least that’s what he say
So anyway I’m about to hide
Rumor is they about to do the Cha Cha slide
And I don’t do that there Ooh who that there
You fine but even you shouldn’t do that there
Look like somebody uncle can’t seem to keep up
Give that man a chair ‘cause you can see he drunk
But everybody’s having fun and I ain’t one to hate
For real Joe this might be the best one to date

Hook (rnb)(2x)

Said it’s time less of stress
Breeze begun heat is on
For everyone, Blue is Gone
Green is high, It’s the Time!

Verse 3
No matter how hard times get we gotta elevate
And remember life is something that we should celebrate
So I never hesitate to talk about my favorite function
Catch me at somebody cookout with a big ol’ plate of something
Turkey or hamburgers, hell maybe catfish
Chicken, potato salad, baby back ribs
Franks and plenty chips only here’s when you eat good
Even when pennyless and the list goes on
Let the soda, quarter water and the liq’s flow on
Wide variety of poison for your pleasure man the weather
Don’t get no better than this I’m hoping heaven is this
On an infinite loop if you feeling this too sing…

Hook (2x)


Verse rnb
It’s that feeling
That you recieve
To let you know life is
Tight and green
Don’t come that often
So I ain’t missing out
The love it gives is what’s
Life is all about!
We ‘bout to roll to the barbeque
To chill with the green and erase the blue
I’m ‘bout to talk to this girl right here
Maybe it’s their body or the clothes they wear
I’m ‘bout to roll their with my dogs
To pick up a bite or maybe ball
We ‘bout to roll to the Barbeque
Damn those summer days be calling you!
Track Name: My Mza My Man
Verse 1
I got one blood brother but there are many others
Who I share a bond with that is simply unbreakable
Helped me see clear when my vision was blurred
So understand friend really ain’t a strong enough word
Could thank you a million times still feel like I ain’t said enough
Could chill everyday and wouldn’t get enough
Of each others company You’re my brother see
You would never front on me and vice versa
But life hurt us every so often
Letting months slips by and no talking
Over petty stuff that we’re way bigger than
For life we’ll be kin intro to the end
Put my word on it and my life as well
We gotta move as a unit because this life is hell
You’ll never be alone as long as there’s breathe in me
I’m where I’m at ‘cause yall bring out the best in me.

When push comes to shove know I still got love for…
My Mza My My My Man
When shit gets hot you know your back is got yeah…
My Mza My My My Man
Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Look at yall man… Some of yall are fathers now
Or about to be and you say you’re proud of me
The feelings are mutual
Seeing yall own grown up is unsual
See we still stay in touch with our inner child
‘Cause we ain’t too grown up to be getting wild
Reminiscing on them broads that did us foul
Trying to poison the circle but we avoided the hurdle
And kept it moving ‘cause our bonds everlasting
Yo I’ll get your back without ever asking
If you need me best believe me
I’m here for you man I’ve been loyal fam
See all I am is the result of yall energy
The positive vibe and support yall be giving me
So this one here’s for all of my brethren
Just sending yall back the love and blessing

Hook (2x)

Verse 3
Remember Mall hopping booking youngins hoping that it leads to
Draws dropping showing onions that’ll get a brothers
Eyes popping none of that no more
‘Cause we got wives and queens who we stay down for
But not all us some are still playing the field
Looking for women who they can build with in chill
But when we come together just me and the fellas
The vibes always right we could be doing whatever
For example in NY we hit clubs
Or open mics spitting fire ‘cause you know we stay
Flowing tight And next we hit Uno’s
To get our grub on and after that who knows
Back MD or next door Washington
At an Up and Up party cuz ain’t nothing as hot them
And when we eat B it’s chicken and Mambo Sauce
After that we hit the late night cinema of course
Damn I love that
Yall always show love here’s the love back with interest
A dedication to all yall is what this is
When I’ve said my last rhyme and we’re memories in pictures
I’ll be with ya my brother my best friend
My partner, the n-word whatever your preference
My man 50 grand but our friendship is priceless
The ones I want by my side no matter the crisis

Hook (3x)

My Mza My My My Man
My Mza My My My Man
My Man… 50 Grand
To all of yall…
Too many names to list
Too many names to list… but uh…
Yo Jamal… rock rock on
My man Asif… rock rock on
Cash rick-a-rock rock on
My man Sherm rock rick-a-rock rock on
Big M where you at…
Track Name: Opium
Close yours eyes.
Just relax.
Feel it in your veins… flowing through body… like it’s opium.

Just… close your
Eyes. As we
Rise. Amongst the
It… gets in your
Brain. Flows through your
Veins. And sooths your

Verse 1
I float like a hovercraft sting like a stun gun
I’m the type of MC savages run from
When you’re dead and gone we’re gon’ hunt down your kinfolk
Ripped nuff’ spots kept mics as mementos
The world’s ass backwards that’s why they keep their shit in
I let it all out sharing with who ever listens
Domo arigato to my Tokyo massive
Big up to Brooklyn and the cats I went to Pratt with
(Save the best for last kid) No doubt, fa’sheezy
Wouldn’t be here without Maryland, DC…
And VA. So I rep for them until my D-Day
Without a shadow of doubt, or hint of hesitation
Infinite and beyond is our final destination
Trying to eat without reservations I doubt it
Whether joints by Chew-Fu pr joints Hyde Out did
Curtains if I use it. I’ll hurt you with my music
Hypnotic, melodic, lyrically diabolic,
Orderly chaotic, au natural never robotic product
Lets just call it natures narcotic
Because every quote for them is like opium

Just… close your
Eyes. As we
Rise. Amongst the
Skies… (Feels right to me, take flight with me)
It… gets in your
Brain. Flows through your
Veins. And sooths your
Pain. (It’s no hope for them, My style’s opium)

Verse 2
When I grab the microphone you know it’s ‘bout to get ugly
Anything goes flow’s rough than rugby
I represent lovely, better yet beautifully
If your girl ain’t on it be patient she soon will be
What you call next ish is old school to me
Don’t really rock jewelry I spend my doe…
On things that’s important like food and home
And to represent the culture I use my poems
Till my people stand taller than the Tokyo tower
Through rainy days even meteor showers
Need your power just to keep my composure
While others damn near sell their souls for exposure
You say you keep it real, to that I’m-a hold ya’
How you housing shit when I’m causing foreclosures
Thought diamonds was a girl’s best friend
But nowadays they seem to attract more men
What’s next? Airbrushed pics? Cross-dressing? What to make of it?
When did thug rappers become high maintenance?
Pardon me, if I find your silly raps laughable
And disagree when you say my rhymes aren’t factual
Grew up in the streets with most of you cats
Just I didn’t fall victim to most of the traps
Now I’m suppose to be wack ‘cause I ain’t busting a gat
And don’t be making videos out exploiting us blacks
It’s more than a rap. But, thoughts that’ll teach the blind
Doing my thing like Krang when I speak my mind
To reach my kind and many others Ultra V.
They don’t want it with any of us. We gotta be (Dope!)

Track Name: Let Me Stay
U.V. Ink
Ope Entertainment
We in the building.
Tell you a little story.
Listen up, peep.
Check it out.

Verse 1
There was no other way to word it. It would appear
That youngin’ right was the closest to thing perfect
I had laid eyes on. It was after a show
And what do you know baby girl’s feeling my song
Never mad at that she was nice on the eyes
Would give anything to rub ice on her thighs
And count her goose bumps. Try to tickle her fancy
Ol’girl was so fine I’d let her call me Stanley
(Whoa!) Yeah I know right! Far from Snow White
Black queen just graduated from Grambling
On a late summer night we were on her stoop chatting
About her future plans and my usual rap thing
Seems she felt the vibrations minus the sex toy
(but was scared) ‘Cause in the day she was played like Metroid
I understood that but understand this
You know I couldn’t walk away with just a damn kiss so I said…

(Hey baby let me stay) How that sound to you?
(Hey baby let me stay) Baby girl what trying to do?
(I don’t care what you’re friend are about to say.)
They can say what they want but I can’t front
I’m trying to get down with you

Verse 2
Fast forward fireworks (shit!) I thought I saw the A-Bomb
But couldn’t see this chick was as volatile as napomb
She said she loved me, I still wasn’t sure yet
But she said she knew from the night on her doorstep
And she knew that moment was something she never forget
I provided her warmth she couldn’t get with Gore-Tex
All that from little old me (Hold on)
Love you don’t really know me (What’s wrong)
I was thinking out loud didn’t mean to offend you
Honestly I’m lucky to be friend you. ‘Cause you…
Yet to show me something that I didn’t like. Though…
The face you made a second ago, was kind of psycho
But everybody eyes bug out now and then. It’s nothing.
Why’s her eyebrow twitching again? She bugging!
Love chill! I’m not going to leave you.
You fell for me in a night, that’s hard to believe boo
Pump your breaks baby. Lets let this thing simmer love
And spin some more time ‘fore we pick it up
Damn! Shit’s getting out of hand should’ve known. Let me get my keys
So I can take you home. She don’t want to be alone so she said…

(Hey baby let me stay) Baby I don’t know?
(Hey baby let me stay) Maybe you should go?
(I don’t care what you’re friend are about to say.)
Let me get to the point so I can break it down to yall… listen up.

Verse 3
Damn! Shit got out of hand
Hit it twice, third strike put me in an ambulance
Let me back track… so you can get the whole story
And show you when and where it went wrong with shorty.
The more I got to know her it was like overexposure
‘Cause star… was short a few cookies in her jar
And the scar on her heart and mind technically no fault of mine
But I wasn’t helping with my endless quest for more behind
But I really dug her. Could’ve even loved her
If it wasn’t for the fact she had stalker potential
Didn’t take much to see she’s possibly mental
Broke in my crib I had to start locking windows
Thought one of my sisters was my mistress
Snuffed me, then beat my sister half bloody
That’s cruddy the situation’s past ugly
It’s a damn shame what she did to that puppy
Got an order of restraint then she snuck in back of me
Bash me with a bottle till the damn glass cut me
Now I’m bleeding getting stomped to the ground
Then she says by the way I’m dumping you now
All from a girl who’s pops wasn’t around
Now I’m calling 9-11 hoping cops come around
When they finally show up… I’m laying on the curb
As they put the cuffs on her last words that I heard were…

(Hey baby let me stay) Not a chance in hell!
(Hey baby let me stay) Girl you going to jail!
(I don’t care what you’re friend are about to say.)
See, see, see that shit right there
Now I know your ass crazy.
Those aren’t my friends those are the damn cops! Cops! Crazy!
(Hey baby let me stay) Hell away from it here!
(Hey baby let me stay) You gotta go my dear!
(I don’t care what you’re friend are about to say)
My friends don’t wear blue.
And walk around with billy clubs, hitting crazy girls upside their head!
Track Name: Big Foot ft. Fresh Daily
J. Johnson I see you
(Fresh Daily)
I see you dogs.
Lets get into it

Verse 1
I’m an unleashed beast that ain’t had a feast in weeks
You’re the hunted and my hunger’s increased with beats
Better come with a cross or at least a priest
And I don’t address cowards you can speak to feet
Not the best but I’m nicer than I need to be
Stage show is something you pay a fee to see
Though it’s priceless sometimes I speak for free
If it pleases me the flow’s TNT (Boom!)
(Sound like Sasquatch feet thundering shaking the concrete)
While you’re trying to be better I’m better without trying
Instead of trying to kill it you’d be better off dying
You’re the fat kid in dodgeball, nobody will miss you
Competition? Please this punks hardly an issue
Go ‘head shoot the gift… I’m launching a missile
And dog it’s official it’s on target to hit you
My squadron will rip you. You talk hard with a pistol
I’ll take a sock full of nickels and leave you slaughtered and crippled
(Sound like Sasquatch feet thundering shaking the concrete)

Hook(Fresh Daily)
I’m a legend hear about me rarely see me but (watch out)
Care fill my shoes but wanna see me get (stomped out)
Man or the myth, Big Foot is the monster
Sasquatch my hand squashes your squadron
Hands up, man up, it’s about to be
A Goddamn catastrophe can’t amount to me

Come On
Repeat 2x

Verse 2
Idiots trying to put my shoes on
I’m harming you corns with a sharpened shoehorn
You’ve waited for the album and sure it’s been too long
(Turn it up) Let it rock in your Scion or Yukon
Get respect from Tokyo to Tuscan
The hood wouldn’t even cop your shit with a coupon
You’re ass out without the daisy dukes on
You’re trespassing no loitering move on
(Sound like Sasquatch feetthundering shaking the concrete)
Didn’t show up to start disrespecting people
I’ve only come to kill it like the sex is lethal
Dick Dastardly, spit massive heat
To this classic beat… and I know what you expected
But dead it after 3 on to the next rhyme scheme
It’s over dear. Bambi’s caught in the high beams
Messed around now you’re a stain on asphalt
For trying to stand off toe to toe with Sasquatch
Please! Yo you call that a live show?
The audience is dead, what your ass still alive for
Beat down the promoter then collect my doe
Never a problem if you book anyone I know
Boo-ed your style can’t move the crowd confused at how
They only scream (HO!!!) When they spot your girl
She gave my Mic a Jack son and rocked my world
Worked it out and I ain’t talking about squats and curls
(Sound like Sasquatch feet thundering shaking the concrete)

Hook (Fresh Daily)
Track Name: Dr. Thinkinriem
(Master you are fresh)
Thank you minion

Dr. Thinkenriem’s the name
Slaughtered Webster and redefined the game
with the most sublime of brains I’m a genius’ genius
I’ll show things that you’ve only seen on your Zenith
So stop looking at me like I don’t speak English
And upgrade you IQ (Well explain) I’ll try to
See what I’m working on is a flawless M.C
The rawest M.C. you all can envy
And all this simply because most lack something
No longer will I sit on my backside and do nothing
So let’s get in on like Judge Mills Lane
And first thing we’ll need is Chuck D’s brain
(Why) for 2 reasons Fear of a Black Planet
And it takes a nation of millions goddamn it
(But what about the body?) It’s far from essential
Because of modern technology it can be artificial
And though it sounds sadder than someone dying a virgin
I’ve already hired Lil’ Kim’s plastic surgeon
Now moving right along to the vocal chords
(Who’s voice you gonna use?) Well of course the lords!
As in Lord have Mercy keep rappers screaming
Open his mouth up and it sounds like god speaking
I’m creating the coming better save yourself
(You’re trying to play God?) Please I can’t play myself!
So let’s see where was I oh yes F-L-O
to the W for that we’ll need pharaoh
Monch and Eminem two marksman with wordplay
who are gifted like Christmas and it’s also they’re birthday
For creativity use the Last Emperor
He’ll be unoriginal when New Mexico has a black Senator
And that’s of high importance so he’s never lack luster
And next we’ll inject him with the energy of Busta
Rhymes got some gauzes check
This is my experiment so fuck what yall expect
but I believe he could use a bit more energy
So I’ll hit him with a dose of some M.O.P.
And Supernatural for freestyle ability
LL and KRS 1 for longevity
But he could never be complete without soul
It’s the very thing that makes us feel whole
So after I completed this diagnosis
I filled him with soul of the mighty Mos Def
Because he love what he does and he’s quite lyrical
And he doesn’t just write rhymes he writes spirituals
Speaking of lyrics last but not least
We need lyrics to complete this Hip hop masterpiece
And my experiment nears completion at last
For lyrics will need Common Sence and Ras Kass
Because these 2 cats are some of the best that done it
keep the rest running and shook as if death’s coming
(What about Rakim you gotta use him for something?)
I’m quite aware of that they don’t call him the god for nothing
We’ll use him for presence see how can I say this
To share a cipher with him is to stand near greatness
I’ve finally completed a supreme M.C.
My dream M.C. to team with me
And put an end to wackness without leniency
revolutionize sound revolution is now
So rise come on rise damn it
Open your eyes and lets rock the planet
So rise come on rise damn it
Open your eyes and lets rock the planet!

It’s alive!!! I’ve created a monster
Won’t be satisfied til the planet is conquered
Battle I think is not what cha really wanna do
Every body make way god on the move!!!
Repeat Hook
Track Name: Hammered ft. Mr. SOS
Verse 1 (Substantial)
Bring your crew if you’re feeling them killing them with
This past super lyrical, spiritual shit
That bashes your physical to little bits
It’s that simple you’ll want a miracle quick
No one ask you to spit but you’re yapping your lips
So I have to just smack you and that’s what you get
So don’t get me started. I get retarded
Only when shopping are you hitting Targets
I won’t stop till maggots feel your carcass
With little or no effort I’m ill regardless
Get bombarded with this hard shit
Only equal to a blow from God’s fist
Oh my God it’s so obnoxious
How I paint pain with words like an artist
Probably at home right now eating garbage
While my team’s dining on greens and cod fish
Doing squat lifts getting brawlic
Giving pounds so hard that they tear cartilage
Some may think what I’m talking’s a gimmick
Till they’re cursed with a permanent limp wrist
That goes perfect with your purse and lipstick
Don’t get murdered for perping on pimp shit
You deserve to get hurt with a thin shiv
And deserted while birds leave your skin ripped!

Silly rappers think they really matter
In a trance so they can’t hear the laughter
Get your mans bet them bamas get fractured
‘Cause none of yall really want to get hammered and battered
Repeat Hook

Verse 2 (Mr. S.O.S.)
Get braced for school. You too basic to come face my crew.
Battle ya like Gallagher actin like your face is fruit.
Movin to your ankles. True. This is my way of thanking you
for preparing me to make me wanna try shanking you
With a little bit of language juice. As I spit on your damaged shoes
Turnin this room into a tanning booth
Leaving everybody that we feel is unworthy cracked in two
That’s what me and Substantial do to bad examples of
Hip Hop… Arms, legs, and heads, they all
Get chopped… Fingers and toes thrown in
Ziplocks as they drip drop…
Caning rappers like a Pimp shop…
With single whores in Singapore so forget props.
Muthafucka you’ll be lucky if you ever get shot
To put you out your Misery like Paul did Annie I’m your daddy.
Call for Mammy ‘cause my next target’s your family.


Verse 3
(Sub) Start weeping and balling the reaper is calling
These weaklings for speaking I’ll beat them and maul them
(SOS) Crack your teeth and smash jaws and give ya momma breathing problems
When I call and tell her you’re asleep 6 feet deep in her garden
(Sub) That’s right stupid’s now fertilizing her tulips
& lawn for trying 2 get it on when the kid was sweeter than cinnamon
(SOS) toast… crunching functions plus attacking joints
Won’t… see 9-1-1 coming cause that’s the point!
(Sub)Battering Men, Shattering limbs because we’re badder than them
(SOS) Brain, splattering them, damaging them all with hammers and pins
(Sub) Die! You worthless serpent with no purpose
(SOS) Sorry weak amateur flirting with hospital curtains
(Sub) I’ll put your once rowdy ass in a full body cast
(SOS) Hit your little punanny ass like a tsunami blast
(Sub) You shits call it quits like retired divorcees
(SOS) Pissing on you kids. this is how it is now cause you forced me.
Track Name: Fluid ft. GC of Soul Mafia
Verse 1
Who am I? Watch the crowd not say a word
Though I’m easily one of the nicest that you never heard
When I spit these bars Some people said it wouldn’t
Get me far, but time will tell if rhyming well
Will get me put on a label allowing me to put
Food on the table and maybe the chance to learn ya
While some of my so called competition be on a ma-
terial mission kicking fiction that don’t concern ya
I’m out to earn ya respect and see a little cheddar
Like some of these other fellas regardless to what they tell ya
Because the revolution need funding
No time for any of yall who be fronting
We hop obstacles then struggle on til we
Stop cop pistols from busting on
Men of color round the globe and ya know I’m down to flow
Till my town will blow MD to the fullest
Did you hit a pound of dro saying that it wouldn’t happen
Sun you sounding slow need to pick up the pace
I’ll give you a taste of many displays that’s missing these days
You kids get disgrace in plenty of ways…

My Flow is F-L-U-I-D (Fluid)
F-L-U-I-D (Fluid)
There really ain’t nothing to it I do it so easily
That these emcees turn green with envy I’m simply
Repeat Hook

Verse 2
This rhyme juggler smothers your ears with stuff that appears
To be nothing but sheer pleasure to the inner soul
If it’s cold I’ll bless ya with something far from boring
That’ll get your earth hot you can call it global warming
Yo I’ve never served rock only dope I’ve ever pushed
Came in the form of audio I’m fresher than Kush
Incense with the sentence that I’ve concocted
You brag on your gun but lack the know how to cock it
You’re S-T-U-P-I-D stupid!
Yall be spreading hate like the counterpart of cupid
We bombard through it with positive energy
That harming my enemies you can’t shatter my inner peace
I get fatter in minutes B I’ma keep flowing
Fluid! You drown in the sound keep going
Beats keep me open I keep the speech potent
Keep you p’noid when I get that glow like Leroy

Repeat Hook

Verse 3
You are now witnessing rare form going into overdrive
You can sleep I open eyes with bulky pliers flows get fired
Like their rhymes were wrote on pink slips I think quick when ink drips
You’re scared to innovate your rhymes softer than pink lips
I’m harder than an armadillo shell
Too much drama hit you armor make you want to kill yourself
Feeble minded use to have knowledge of self
Then we were blinded by this thug talk and jewels
Need to rewind it get our third eyes in focus
So kids can quote this the real will notice
That this is dopeness and anything else
Can remain on the shelf it ain’t about it’s all about
Mental health and cultural innovation
Brought with no hesitation for our hip-hop nation
Thank you for your time to the gals and guys that listen
Now but it on a plate and eat it till the itus kicks in

Repeat Hook

Shift gears gimme the mic and I’ll give fear Venomous strikes that
Hits ears fearsome the Questluv of eardrums
Hear none worthy of repeating hear some
Worthy of a beating here comes the dirtiest of heathens
I’m a cordless mic wire
A flat tricep white text on white flyers
The invisible man invincible Stan all praise due
Got you switching your plan call phase two
As if you had the graf artist number on speed dial
Verbal swordsmen warden incarcerate freestyles
Written or off the brain get engulfed in flames
On some Harriet Tubman shit off the chains!
Track Name: The Starving Artist
Verse 1
Yeah I do this for the love of the music
But it never hurts to get a little something to do it
Especially when these dummies getting paid out the ass
And those nicest at it aren’t really making no cash
Youngins’ getting signed labels raping they ass
And those I once respected have been making some trash
People think that pure hip-hop has taken a dash
When all along I’ve been keeping it safe in the stash
For a rainy day and it’s been pouring for years
The culture has suffered I’ve been ignoring her tears
Now I’m fighting for her through expression of self
And I fight for my fam at times getting no help (but I keep at it)
At times my story it may seem tragic
But I change to miracle man you thought you’ve seen magic
‘Cause they’ve never seen a struggle so beautiful
It’s my everyday this is nothing unusual

This is more than street shit
This is if I don’t make it we won’t eat shit people need this
More than rapper rhyming to the beat shit
Life reenacted on disc repeat this
Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Been rhyming over a decade far from rich
But I’m blessed to get paid from the bars I spit
Ironic because the microphone I never thought to grab it
At least I turned this art form to a self supporting habit
Still broker than a mofo can’t live off show doe
Thank God I can draw or there goes my logo
Gotta be another way ain’t got the doe ‘cause
So I’m force to do it all like one half of L.O.T.U.G.
Pay someone to do what I’m doing man for what
But the constant grind I’m on will make a man go nuts
Playing phone tag with these cold ass executives
To the point I barely have time to call my relatives
Free time negative it’s like I gotta schedule it
Deep ‘cause at times I forget I to sleep
Feels like time wasted when on your grind face it
This shit here has never been for the weak
How would you know if you never been in the streets
Blocks hot to the point that it singes our feet
When dawn cracks it’s on black though I tire
Early bird gets the worm and sores much higher


Verse 3
Write my own rhymes you ain’t telling me nothing
Cover designs mine also sick with production
But this heat you’re hearing is that of Suede Jury
Illustrating my pain to the track he made for me
What can you say to me, you ain’t understanding me
Pressing my own CD’s and cutting the covers manually
Chop and bagging that quality product
Just for cats to download it gotta be my luck
Youngin’ do you know how much I paid for this
My paper’s outta here like VHS and Laserdisc
Broke and forced to promote online
But the dudes I grew up with don’t go online
So the one’s that need to hear it most don’t know I exist
Meanwhile hip-hop music is going to shit
Gotta eat before I starve and my ribs is showing
But that’s what you get when you live for flowing

Repeat Hook
Track Name: What You Want
Verse 1
You want things similar to a quick fix
‘Cause you’re known to stay all in the mix like twix sticks
You want sick whips & thick chicks to ride with ya
A tight squad that’ll fight hard and die with ya
You rhyme because you want to get put on badly
So you can stack paper taller than Sean Bradley
You want nice clothes platinum and white gold
Sprinkled in diamonds my how the ice glows
You like hoes you hit with ease eager to please
‘Cause you type swole and getting cheese and you emcee
So life’s a piece of cake and sweeter than new coochie
Until it throws you a curve and now you look like Pookie
What happened?!? Too busy living for today
Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed but be prepared anyway
So you’ll have a little something if it shows up
Don’t wanna see you hit rock bottom and go nuts
Watch these loose booty broads ‘cause the next chick
That you sex with could lead to your exit
If you must ride the fast lane be sure to buckle up
Chasing what you want don’t even realize when you’re fucking up

(I know what you want)
Yes indeed but I’d rather give you what you need
(I know what you want)
4) Though this is true only you really know what’s best for you… right???
(I know what you want)
6) Yes indeed but I’d rather give you what you need
(I know what you want)
(So what you what you what you want)

Verse 2
You want a baller girl who’ll promise you all the world
And everything between with many pretty things that gleam
Pull up at clubs on dubs pushing his fast car
Too late to break your hearts speeding like Nascar
It’s amazing what chicks be shaking their ass for
You’re just material girls like Madonna
Fronting like virgins when dudes be splurging
She certainly leaves pockets and hearts hurting
This person wants a lot with nothing at the table
That she brought expect a pretty face & fables
But I can’t be mad youngin’ in that’s all she know
She never got the proper guidance that she need to grow
She thinks that money is the only thing she need him for
That’s all she need to know if she got her paper right
Heavy to us but baby girl thinks it’s light
Until she finds it hard to look at her own face at night
You need a man that loves you for the beautiful person you are
Too many in the past abused and hurt you leaving you scarred
And they disregard the seed they planted in you
Now your heart has harden and you plan to get loot
I truly nowhere you’re coming from girl no doubt
But don’t forget you’re only gonna get what you throw out
Don’t miss a good thing to prove you’re bad
There’s a better way girl just choose the path


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