Verse 1
I got one blood brother but there are many others
Who I share a bond with that is simply unbreakable
Helped me see clear when my vision was blurred
So understand friend really ain’t a strong enough word
Could thank you a million times still feel like I ain’t said enough
Could chill everyday and wouldn’t get enough
Of each others company You’re my brother see
You would never front on me and vice versa
But life hurt us every so often
Letting months slips by and no talking
Over petty stuff that we’re way bigger than
For life we’ll be kin intro to the end
Put my word on it and my life as well
We gotta move as a unit because this life is hell
You’ll never be alone as long as there’s breathe in me
I’m where I’m at ‘cause yall bring out the best in me.

When push comes to shove know I still got love for…
My Mza My My My Man
When shit gets hot you know your back is got yeah…
My Mza My My My Man
Repeat Hook

Verse 2
Look at yall man… Some of yall are fathers now
Or about to be and you say you’re proud of me
The feelings are mutual
Seeing yall own grown up is unsual
See we still stay in touch with our inner child
‘Cause we ain’t too grown up to be getting wild
Reminiscing on them broads that did us foul
Trying to poison the circle but we avoided the hurdle
And kept it moving ‘cause our bonds everlasting
Yo I’ll get your back without ever asking
If you need me best believe me
I’m here for you man I’ve been loyal fam
See all I am is the result of yall energy
The positive vibe and support yall be giving me
So this one here’s for all of my brethren
Just sending yall back the love and blessing

Hook (2x)

Verse 3
Remember Mall hopping booking youngins hoping that it leads to
Draws dropping showing onions that’ll get a brothers
Eyes popping none of that no more
‘Cause we got wives and queens who we stay down for
But not all us some are still playing the field
Looking for women who they can build with in chill
But when we come together just me and the fellas
The vibes always right we could be doing whatever
For example in NY we hit clubs
Or open mics spitting fire ‘cause you know we stay
Flowing tight And next we hit Uno’s
To get our grub on and after that who knows
Back MD or next door Washington
At an Up and Up party cuz ain’t nothing as hot them
And when we eat B it’s chicken and Mambo Sauce
After that we hit the late night cinema of course
Damn I love that
Yall always show love here’s the love back with interest
A dedication to all yall is what this is
When I’ve said my last rhyme and we’re memories in pictures
I’ll be with ya my brother my best friend
My partner, the n-word whatever your preference
My man 50 grand but our friendship is priceless
The ones I want by my side no matter the crisis

Hook (3x)

My Mza My My My Man
My Mza My My My Man
My Man… 50 Grand
To all of yall…
Too many names to list
Too many names to list… but uh…
Yo Jamal… rock rock on
My man Asif… rock rock on
Cash rick-a-rock rock on
My man Sherm rock rick-a-rock rock on
Big M where you at…


from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), track released June 21, 2010
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Definition & Subtracktion


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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