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Close yours eyes.
Just relax.
Feel it in your veins… flowing through body… like it’s opium.

Just… close your
Eyes. As we
Rise. Amongst the
It… gets in your
Brain. Flows through your
Veins. And sooths your

Verse 1
I float like a hovercraft sting like a stun gun
I’m the type of MC savages run from
When you’re dead and gone we’re gon’ hunt down your kinfolk
Ripped nuff’ spots kept mics as mementos
The world’s ass backwards that’s why they keep their shit in
I let it all out sharing with who ever listens
Domo arigato to my Tokyo massive
Big up to Brooklyn and the cats I went to Pratt with
(Save the best for last kid) No doubt, fa’sheezy
Wouldn’t be here without Maryland, DC…
And VA. So I rep for them until my D-Day
Without a shadow of doubt, or hint of hesitation
Infinite and beyond is our final destination
Trying to eat without reservations I doubt it
Whether joints by Chew-Fu pr joints Hyde Out did
Curtains if I use it. I’ll hurt you with my music
Hypnotic, melodic, lyrically diabolic,
Orderly chaotic, au natural never robotic product
Lets just call it natures narcotic
Because every quote for them is like opium

Just… close your
Eyes. As we
Rise. Amongst the
Skies… (Feels right to me, take flight with me)
It… gets in your
Brain. Flows through your
Veins. And sooths your
Pain. (It’s no hope for them, My style’s opium)

Verse 2
When I grab the microphone you know it’s ‘bout to get ugly
Anything goes flow’s rough than rugby
I represent lovely, better yet beautifully
If your girl ain’t on it be patient she soon will be
What you call next ish is old school to me
Don’t really rock jewelry I spend my doe…
On things that’s important like food and home
And to represent the culture I use my poems
Till my people stand taller than the Tokyo tower
Through rainy days even meteor showers
Need your power just to keep my composure
While others damn near sell their souls for exposure
You say you keep it real, to that I’m-a hold ya’
How you housing shit when I’m causing foreclosures
Thought diamonds was a girl’s best friend
But nowadays they seem to attract more men
What’s next? Airbrushed pics? Cross-dressing? What to make of it?
When did thug rappers become high maintenance?
Pardon me, if I find your silly raps laughable
And disagree when you say my rhymes aren’t factual
Grew up in the streets with most of you cats
Just I didn’t fall victim to most of the traps
Now I’m suppose to be wack ‘cause I ain’t busting a gat
And don’t be making videos out exploiting us blacks
It’s more than a rap. But, thoughts that’ll teach the blind
Doing my thing like Krang when I speak my mind
To reach my kind and many others Ultra V.
They don’t want it with any of us. We gotta be (Dope!)



from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), released June 20, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Chew Fu
Co-produced by: Definition


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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