Fluid ft. GC of Soul Mafia

from by Substantial



Verse 1
Who am I? Watch the crowd not say a word
Though I’m easily one of the nicest that you never heard
When I spit these bars Some people said it wouldn’t
Get me far, but time will tell if rhyming well
Will get me put on a label allowing me to put
Food on the table and maybe the chance to learn ya
While some of my so called competition be on a ma-
terial mission kicking fiction that don’t concern ya
I’m out to earn ya respect and see a little cheddar
Like some of these other fellas regardless to what they tell ya
Because the revolution need funding
No time for any of yall who be fronting
We hop obstacles then struggle on til we
Stop cop pistols from busting on
Men of color round the globe and ya know I’m down to flow
Till my town will blow MD to the fullest
Did you hit a pound of dro saying that it wouldn’t happen
Sun you sounding slow need to pick up the pace
I’ll give you a taste of many displays that’s missing these days
You kids get disgrace in plenty of ways…

My Flow is F-L-U-I-D (Fluid)
F-L-U-I-D (Fluid)
There really ain’t nothing to it I do it so easily
That these emcees turn green with envy I’m simply
Repeat Hook

Verse 2
This rhyme juggler smothers your ears with stuff that appears
To be nothing but sheer pleasure to the inner soul
If it’s cold I’ll bless ya with something far from boring
That’ll get your earth hot you can call it global warming
Yo I’ve never served rock only dope I’ve ever pushed
Came in the form of audio I’m fresher than Kush
Incense with the sentence that I’ve concocted
You brag on your gun but lack the know how to cock it
You’re S-T-U-P-I-D stupid!
Yall be spreading hate like the counterpart of cupid
We bombard through it with positive energy
That harming my enemies you can’t shatter my inner peace
I get fatter in minutes B I’ma keep flowing
Fluid! You drown in the sound keep going
Beats keep me open I keep the speech potent
Keep you p’noid when I get that glow like Leroy

Repeat Hook

Verse 3
You are now witnessing rare form going into overdrive
You can sleep I open eyes with bulky pliers flows get fired
Like their rhymes were wrote on pink slips I think quick when ink drips
You’re scared to innovate your rhymes softer than pink lips
I’m harder than an armadillo shell
Too much drama hit you armor make you want to kill yourself
Feeble minded use to have knowledge of self
Then we were blinded by this thug talk and jewels
Need to rewind it get our third eyes in focus
So kids can quote this the real will notice
That this is dopeness and anything else
Can remain on the shelf it ain’t about it’s all about
Mental health and cultural innovation
Brought with no hesitation for our hip-hop nation
Thank you for your time to the gals and guys that listen
Now but it on a plate and eat it till the itus kicks in

Repeat Hook

Shift gears gimme the mic and I’ll give fear Venomous strikes that
Hits ears fearsome the Questluv of eardrums
Hear none worthy of repeating hear some
Worthy of a beating here comes the dirtiest of heathens
I’m a cordless mic wire
A flat tricep white text on white flyers
The invisible man invincible Stan all praise due
Got you switching your plan call phase two
As if you had the graf artist number on speed dial
Verbal swordsmen warden incarcerate freestyles
Written or off the brain get engulfed in flames
On some Harriet Tubman shit off the chains!


from Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice), released June 20, 2006
Lyrics by: Substantial
Produced by: Subtracktion


all rights reserved



Substantial Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia based International Hip Hop Recording Artist from Maryland.

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